Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Review

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Today’s review is all about Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub.

Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Review

Price: €56 for 700 g
Product Description:
A treatment which draws on the benefits of Emilia Romagna cherry, rich in omega 3 and 6 and Vitamins A and E. Exfoliating, detoxifying: a blend of sea salts, red Hawaiian salt and powdered cherry stone smooths and purifies the skin. Toning, firming: cherry oil and Padina pavonica algae extract help firm and tone the skin. Nourishing, hydrating: cherry, jojoba and wheat germ oils leave skin soft and velvety-smooth. Stimulating: essential grapefruit and bergamot oils stimulate the skin, enhancing the scrub’s effects.

Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Claims

Suitable for all skin types, it leaves the skin incredibly soft and moist without any need for an after-bath product. It’s ideal •before specialist treatments because they make the skin more receptive •before exposure to the sun and self-tanning products for more even, longlasting colour.
Stir the scrub using the spatula, massage onto the body (paying particular attention to rough areas) and rinse off under the shower or in the bath. Use on damp skin for a light scrub or on dry skin for more intensive exfoliation. Recommended use: once or twice a week.

My Experience with Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub:

It comes in a large plastic jar with a screw lid. There is also a flap lid, which can be used to close the mouth of the jar first. The flap lid is just to protect the lid from getting dirty and it also prevents the product from flowing out, in case it is not stored upright.

Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Outer Packaging

The whole packaging is huge. It’s no way suitable for travels. I would never travel with it. It’s only for home use, I feel. You will know the reasons as you read further. The consistency of the scrub itself is a mix of solids in a liquid solution. The solid part settles down and the liquid portion floats. If the lid is not closed properly the scrub will surely leak and create a mess.

The scrub itself is slightly orange in colour and smells amazing. The fragrance is mainly of cherry extracts. One feels like using it just by smelling it. The granules in the scrub are not harsh on the skin, hence they are quite effective. Since the scrub is oil-based, it spreads all over smoothly and also adds extra moisture and nourishment to the skin.

Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Packaging

Since the scrub is very moisturising, I feel there is no need to apply any moisturiser after use. The dead skin is all gone after use and the skin feels very soft and supple. It does not feel dry at all. I feel a thin layer of oil on the skin and love the feel of it.

My skin also smells pleasant and the fragrance lasts for an hour or so. The fragrance is very mild and not overwhelming at all. I have sensitive and dry skin and it does not get irritated from the scrub. I could not see any redness either.

Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Top

I would not use this scrub every day since it’s so expensive. Also, one needs quite a bit of the product for the whole body. I have decided to use it only on my thighs once a week. The first time I used it all over my body I ended up using quite a bit since it felt so good and soothing.

I have not noticed any cellulite reduction on my inner thigh area and I do not believe in such claims. I believe cellulite cannot be reduced by using scrubs or creams. Overall, it’s one of the best scrubs I have used but it’s too expensive to repurchase. I do not see myself repurchasing it just because of the cost.

Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub Swatch

Pros of Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub:

• Very moisturising and nourishing
• Amazing fragrance
• No need to follow up with a moisturiser
• Mild but effective
• Suitable for all skin types
• Makes skin feel amazingly soft and smooth

Cons of Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub:

• Extremely expensive for a body scrub
• Not a must-have
• Gets used up quickly
• Packaging isn’t travel-friendly

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub?
If you are looking for a great scrub and do not mind spending a hefty amount then simply go for this one. The results will leave you impressed.

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