Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review

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Today’s review is about Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream. I love Collistar products and use them regularly. They work very well on my skin and I have seen improvements over the past year. So, I went ahead and bought quite a few items. Here is the review of a face cream which I have been using last few weeks and read on to know my opinion.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review

Product Description:
An extraordinary Collistar product with an exceptionally pure and effective active ingredient. The special ‘rich cream’ structure has been specifically designed to
– optimize transmission of the Glycolic Acid to the tissue
– strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic balance
– provide the skin with extra nourishment, elasticity and comfort.
With daily use the cream is a genuine skin renewal treatment, resulting in:
– smoother, firmer and more toned skin
– a pure and bright complexion
– less visible wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging
– finer, more even skin tone •reductions in pore size and small blemishes. Visible from the very first applications, the results improve gradually over time. Day by day, the treatment smooths, renews and revitalizes the skin and in a short time the skin looks perfect.
Massage in circular motions from the center of the face outwards, avoiding the lip and eye contours, and from the base of the neck upwards in the morning and/or evening. End by gently pressing the face and neck with both hands.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Description

Glycolic Acid Rich Cream is an extraordinary product on its own, but it can also be combined with Glycolic Acid drops for an even more powerful ‘professional’ result, just like a real beauty center treatment.

PHASE 1. Glycolic Acid drops
Apply a few drops in gentle, straight lines from the center of the face outwards, avoiding the lip and eye contours, and from the base of the neck upwards in the morning and/or evening. To help it absorb, make ‘suction’ movements using the palm of the hands.

PHASE 2. Glycolic Acid Rich Cream
Apply to the face and neck massaging gently into the skin to help it absorb. End by gently pressing with both hands. We recommend using both products as par t of the routine for four consecutive weeks, in other words for the same duration as the skin’s renewal process. The treatment can be repeated several times a year, leaving at least one month between each cycle .

$36.10 for 50ml

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Ingredients

My Experience with Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream:

The face cream comes in a glass jar which is yellow and golden in color. I love the packaging. It looks luxurious but not very travel-friendly, as the glass jar makes it heavy. I normally scoop out a little face cream in a smaller plastic bottle when I am travelling, so that I save on space and weight.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Packaging

The lid is plastic which works just perfect. There is also an inner flap lid which prevents the cream from sticking to the outer lid, which I really appreciate. The product also comes with a small scoop for everyday use. Many people do not like digging into the jar due to hygienic reasons. I am little lazy to use the scoop and prefer fingers. This whole packaging comes in a cardboard packaging with all details written on the cardboard packaging.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Size

The texture of the cream is like soft butter. I love using it with my fingers. I feel the cream spreads very very well all over the face, since it is so creamy and not so thick. The product practically melts as you massage it into the skin. I love working with it.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Cap

The cream looks cream in color and has a fresh scent of lemon. The fragrance is very mild and can be noticed only during the initial few minutes. This product has no added color or fragrance which I find great. The product gets the fragrance from the citrus extracts present in the ingredients list.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Cap Open

The cream gets absorbed instantly leaving the skin semi-matte. If you have dry skin and need that extra moisturizing, then I would not recommend it. In case you have normal or oily skin, it provides a perfect base for makeup. I have dry skin and my skin is very sensitive especially during winter months. I need something which adds that extra moisturizing effect for my skin. So, I alternate this with another Collistar face cream which is more nourishing. I would just use this face cream in summer months, where I do not need that extra care for my dry skin.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Cream

The face cream works as a good base for makeup. I top it with foundation and they work like a miracle looking semi-matte. I use setting powder only under my eyes and forehead. My skin and makeup looks perfect all day long and it does not feel oily at any point of time. It feels light on the skin.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream Review Hand Swatch

I would recommend this to all skin types, especially to oily and normal skin. The skin also feels soft and smooth after regular usage. I have seen that my skin is clearing up and having less breakouts after I switched to Collistar products. I alternate this with 2 other Collistar face creams regularly. The ingredients in this product look promising and I think its worth the money.

Pros of Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream:

  • Non-greasy.
  • Leaves the skin semi-matte.
  • Gets absorbed instantly.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • A good makeup primer.
  • Can be used as a day as well as night cream.
  • Lovely citrus fragrance.
  • Results in radiant skin.
  • No added color and fragrance.

Cons of Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream:

  • Expensive.
  • Glass jar.
  • Might not be nourishing enough for dry skin, especially during winters.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Buy Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream?
Definetely. I am currently loving the benefits of the cream.
Do I Recommend Collistar Glycolic Acid Rich Cream?
Absolutely. It’s an amazing cream for all skin types.

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