Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Aromatic Body Water Review

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In my recent haul of Collistar, I bought two fragrances. Here is the review of the first one. This perfume belongs to a new collection from Collistar and was released in 2017.

Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Body Aromatic Water Review

Price: €46 for 100 ml
Product Description:
An exquisite, gentle and comforting fragrance. Like a gentle breeze, it instills a sense of peace of mind and relaxation that lasts the whole day long, and that in the evening is the perfect prelude to a good night’s rest. Its heart contains a flowery bouquet of freesia, heliotrope and lily of the valley, enlivened with accents of vanilla and enriched with precious extracts of Tuscan hawthorn and lemon balm, creating a wellbeing ritual for body and mind.

Spray the fragrance generously over the body and on the pillow for a good night’s rest.

Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Body Aromatic Water Ingredients

My Experience with Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Aromatic Body Water:

It comes in a well-padded cardboard box so that the perfume bottle does not get damaged. The beautiful perfume bottle itself is made of glass. The glass bottle and its cap both are transparent. One can see the amount of product remaining or used, which I find helpful.

Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Body Aromatic Water Packaging

The cap opens and closes tightly. The cap is so tight that I got scared pulling it out the first time. I feared that it might break the nozzle. But nothing like that has happened till now. I think it will get better with use. The perfume itself is light blue in colour. This perfume is a night fragrance and hence the blue color.

The fragrance has following notes:
Top notes: hawthorn and lemon balm
Middle notes: freesia, heliotrope and lily-of-the-valley
Base note: vanilla

Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Body Aromatic Water Bottle

As soon as I spray the perfume, I can feel the rush of notes in my senses. I can smell a mix of all the above-mentioned notes. This is not a very pleasant experience. I was so confused with the scent of it. I felt it was really overwhelming and not my kind. Basically, it’s a floral fragrance. I am a fan of floral fragrances but not this one. It’s not for people with a sensitive nose. The staying power is not too bad. It stays on for 4 to 5 hours and then starts fading.

I apply 3 to 4 pumps in total at different points. The vanilla note is what hangs on till the end and this is the only part which is enjoyable. Overall, it’s not my kind of fragrance. Everyone has a different taste, so maybe others will love it. I have used it twice or thrice only. I have a feeling my mom will like it as she is not too picky. So, I have saved it for her.

Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Body Aromatic Water Pump

Pros of Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Aromatic Body Water:

• Nice, tall bottle
• Medium staying power

Cons of Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Aromatic Body Water:

• Glass bottle
• Too many notes can be smelt as soon as you spray
• Overwhelming fragrance
• Not for people with sensitive nose

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend Collistar Profumo Dei Sogni Aromatic Body Water?
I would suggest you try this fragrance before purchasing. Not everyone will like the bursting fragrance. It’s also quite expensive.

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