Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Review

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I am so fond of Collistar products that I shopped a lot from them for my mum and myself. I will not purchase any other face cream until I finish these. I have spent quite a big amount on this haul. So, this review is about Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Review

Price: €78 for 50 ml
Product Description:
A special preparation to use every day to restructure the architecture of the face and fight the unsightly effects of aging on the skin: wrinkles, loss of volume and firmness, sagging contours. And as skin hydration is drastically reduced with age, its formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid, the most super-hydrating substance. Day after day, the skin becomes smoother and firmer, the cheeks look fuller, wrinkles are smoothed over, the facial features are remodeled and the face acquires new youth.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Ingredients

My Experience with Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream:

This replumping and regenerating face cream is the best among the three face creams I purchased. The product comes in a cardboard outer package. Inside that, is a beautifully shaped glass pot with a plastic screw lid. The color of the tub is magenta and gold, which looks very gorgeous. There is also a flap at the mouth of the pot to prevent the cream from sticking to the lid.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Packaging

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Since the packaging is glass from outside and plastic from inside, it is a little heavy. There is also a spatula included. The spatula looks cute and helps to keep the product hygienic. I am a little lazy to use the spatula and tend to dip my finger into the pot. The consistency of the product is quite thick when compared to other face creams.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Tub

The cream itself is white in colour. I take a small amount of this cream for my entire face. A little product goes a long way. Even though the cream is pretty thick it spreads very well on the skin when massaged, due to the warmth generated by massaging. The product gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, leaving the skin oil-free.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Cap

I can feel a protective film formed on my skin when I apply the cream. I can also feel the cream working its way into my skin. One can feel a slight cooling effect, too. The film formed on the skin is what makes the skin look healthy. A healthy skin is usually not very dry but slightly dewy. This can attained by using this cream.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Consistency

I have sensitive and dry skin and this cream is what I needed. The cream is quite light on the skin but I can feel it on the skin. It’s not as light as other Collistar face creams, though. If you have oily skin you might not like it. The cream is meant to work on wrinkled and mature skin, too. I have fine lines near my eyes now and I think it’s the right time to start using anti-ageing products.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Spatula

I have been using this cream for a few weeks now in combination with other Collistar face creams. I have seen that my skin feels much radiant and healthy. I can see that the fine lines have reduced and my skin feels fuller. The only con is the price. Hence, I use it on alternate days in the night. I wanted to check the availability in India and I found that it’s available online but for INR 35000. So grab it when you’re in Europe.

Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream Swatch

Pros of Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream:

• A little goes a long way
• Non-sticky and non-oily
• Skin looks radiant and healthy
• Works as a good anti-ageing cream
• Beautiful packaging

Cons of Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream:

• Expensive

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend Collistar Replumping Regenerating Face Cream?
If you do not mind shelling out a bit on anti-aging products then you can blindly pick this product. It will surely make a positive difference.

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