19 Colon Cleansing Food that Help you Lose Weight

The big secret to weight loss and good health in general is a strong gut. When the digestive system is functioning normally, the immunity level is also high. There’s a strong link between a clean, toxin-free colon and weight loss. The human gut is home to more than 100 trillion microorganisms and they help the human body to function efficiently by boosting immune system, by keeping the digestive system robust, along with regulating blood pressure and keeping heart in good condition. A disruption in this microbial flora or replacement of good bacteria with bad ones can disrupt normal functioning of the body, leading to infections and diseases. It is important to keep the intestinal flora balanced in order for the body to function normally. Also, toxins and other waste tend to get accumulated in the colon and seep through the colon into the bloodstream, raising inflammation and free radicals in the body. And that’s why colon cleanses are important, to bring back a sluggish colon on track, to detox, and to boost energy levels. For colon cleanses, it’s not recommended to use laxatives or other medicines because it can disrupt the levels of healthy gut bacteria and microbial flora, but the good news is that colon cleanses can be done by natural food items and in this post, we would detail out on how to do colon cleanse with food.

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What’s the Connection with Colon and Weight Loss:

With the kind of food we eat and the lifestyle we lead, the colon tends to accumulate toxins over a period along with waste getting stuck to the colon walls. These toxins and waste leak out into the bloodstream and cause inflammation, weight gain, various diseases, and even depression and cancer. That’s why cleansing the colon once in a while is recommended. It also clears blockage caused by toxins and waste and this clearing up leads to better absorption of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to the bloodstream. There are much better and safer ways to cleanse the colon than taking laxatives and other medical means. In this post, we would delve more into how to do colon cleanse through the food you consume.

Benefits of Doing Colon Cleanse:

1. Boosts immune system
2. Accelerates weight loss process
3. Reduces bloating and gassiness
4. Reduces anxiety, stress, depression.
5. Flushes out toxins.
6. Reduces risk of colon cancer.
7. Improved energy levels.
8. Better absorption of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the body.
9. Clears constipation.
10. Improves energy level.

20 Colon Cleansing Food Items:

1. Aloe vera: You can score double by drinking aloe vera – it cleanses colon and also the rich vitamin and nutrient content will boost and improve your health. Include fresh aloe vera in smoothies or add it to detox water with cucumber slices and lemon and see how your health improves within a few days.
2. Flaxseed: It is a great food to keep your colon healthy and promote regular bowel movements. The fiber-rich content of flaxseed promotes weight loss too.
3. Alfalfa: It is a microgreen which is added to smoothies and helps detox and cleanse the gut.
4. Apple: Apples contain an enzyme called pectin which removes toxins in the colon and strengthens the lining inside the intestines, so it is great to cleanse the colon and detoxify. You can eat apple raw or add it to oatmeal.
5. Peppermint: You can include peppermint tea to cleanse the colon effectively.’
6. Spirulina: It’s a superfood that is rich in chlorophyll and removes toxins from the colon.
7. Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass is rich in nutrients and detoxifies the intestines and cleans the colon, relieving bloating and other digestive disorders.
8. Probiotics: Probiotics are living microorganisms that are ingested through the mouth. Probiotics find their way to the gut where they dislodge bad bacteria and strengthen the immune and digestive system. Certain strains of probiotics also help the body to produce more B vitamins.
9. Yogurt: It is prepared via the process of fermentation and the resultant product contains the lactic acid bacteria. Since it is rich in fiber, it helps to cleanse the colon. Contains lot of probiotic cultures that increase the count of microbial flora in the gut.
10. Fermented foods: There are many examples of fermented food in Indian cuisine – some most common ones are, idli, dosa, dhokla, curd, appam, chakulipitha, etc. Fermented food is essential for a healthy gut because it is full of probiotic bacteria and by taking fermented food, you are adding healthy bacteria and enzymes to your gut flora, increasing its count, and helping the smooth functioning of digestive system. Another good reason to add idli/dosa to your daily diet
11. Fennel seeds: Fennel tea moves out toxins from the colon and help relax intestinal muscles. Making fennel tea is a great way to cleanse the colon the safe way.
12. Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are used in traditional medicine to clear out worms in the intestine. These seeds are rich in fiber and healthy fats that cleanses out the colon without disrupting the microbial flora of the gut.
13. Avocado: It is rich in healthy fats along with high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber which regulates bowel movements and keeps the colon clean.
14. Apple cider vinegar: Made from fermented apple juice, it can be consumed with some relish and without guilt. It is rather popular as a salad dressing and as a weight loss drink when combined with warm water and lemon.
15. Dates: It’s a fruit that’s rich in iron, vitamins, and a whole lot of other nutrients along with high amount of soluble and insoluble fiber which helps to clean out colon effciently.
16. Lemon juice: Squeezing out lemon into your detox drinks and in warm water not only reduces inflammation in the body, it also cleanses out colon really well.
17. Fiber-rich food: Fiber is a category of nutrients that does not break up into sugar molecules, pass down the gut unbroken, and act as fuel for the healthy bacteria in the gut. Healthy bacterial colonies are essential to maintain a healthy gut for better absorption of nutrients and vitamins into the body. Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet because it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, clears constipation, regulate blood sugar levels, and also to control appetite. Fiber helps to reduce appetite, reduces belly fat, and thus helps with weight loss too. Fiber helps to treat constipation and other digestive system related issues. Most importantly, fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer. Some popular examples of fiber are whole grain foods, leafy green vegetables, nuts pistachios, almonds, chickpeas, green peas. Apples, strawberries. Beans (white beans, kidney beans). Here’s a list of 32 Fiber-Rich Food Items.
18. Moringa tea: This tea is usually made with the flowers and leaves of moringa leaves. Moringa tea cleanses the bowel, flushing out toxins and getting the digestive system back on track.
19. Oatmeal: Since oats are rich in fiber, you can make a proper meal out of oats with fruits to keep the colon clean and healthy.

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