Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review

Skin texture: Uneven, acne scars and freckles
Skin type: Sensitive, combination, tends to dry and redden easily

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Today, I am here to review a sonic foundation applicator. Eric Jimenez, a global makeup artist, is the mastermind behind and the co-founder of Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator. To know how this sonic foundation applicator functions and whether it gets a rating of five, kindly continue reading.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review

Price: £58 or $76. Price varies from country to country. Available online and in stores.
(Available online for $68 from Color Me for delivery only in the United States)
Product Description:
Developed for pro makeup artists working long hours on the set. Now available to all women who want a professional, long wearing application. Featuring the sonic tapping technology that Color Me is known for, the Pro Edition version is turbocharged to deliver award winning superior coverage for 8 hours. The Pro Edition also features universal sponges that can be used with any formula; wet or dry, liquid or powder, eliminating the need to switch sponges between formulas. Color Me sponges are latex free and hypoallergenic.
How to Use – Firmly attach sponge onto the color me sponge mount and apply foundation directly to the sponge. With powder foundation, pat sponge directly into your powder compact or lid of your jar. Shake off any excess powder. With liquids and BB creams, be sure to “season” the fresh sponge i.e. to cover it with a full coat of BB cream or foundation then add another pump. With moisturised skin, firmly push button to activate device’s sonic tapping action. Starting at cheek, move device in gentle sweeping motions. It is not necessary to rub or press hard. Blend jawline, upward to forehead, and hairline. Use narrow tip for nose, eye and lip areas. To build coverage, reapply foundation to sponge and repeat.

My Experience with Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold:

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Packaging

Packaging: Black and rose gold colored gadget comes with a white colored pro edition universal sponge mounted, which is covered with a rose gold colored cap. The sponge cap has three holes, for the sponge to breath, hence, avoiding any bacteria formation. This applicator works on a coin battery, which is already inserted. This gadget has a round switch button, which needs to be pressed to start and stop the applicator. This gadget comes packed in a molded plastic case, which in turn is packed in a cardboard box. One additional Pro Edition universal sponge is also provided. Sponges are disposable and can be changed from time to time. Packaging is travel-friendly and adorable, can be easily tucked into handbags. A set of instructions is provided, along with do’s and don’ts.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Mould

Let’s start by understanding; what this gadget does and how it works? It’s a sonic makeup applicator that mimics finger tapping for an airbrushed look that’s virtually effortless. Color Me Pro Edition comes with a universal sponge, which can be used with liquid / cream foundation, BB / CC cream, loose / pressed powder for a flawless look. This fool proof applicator vibrates with 250 sonic pulses per second and 15,000 sonic pulses in a minute, to give a smooth finish by tapping liquid / cream foundation, pressed / loose powder, BB / CC cream into place.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review With Sponge

I am okay with applying cream foundation using a sponge and tinted moisturizer, BB / CC cream using my fingers. However, on some bad days, I really suck at applying liquid foundation using my fingers. Never tried using a brush or a sponge for applying liquid foundation. I came across Color Me Pro Edition Automatic Foundation Applicator and was a bit skeptical about it. After some research, I learned that it was okay for sensitive skin types.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Sponge

This applicator is available in two versions; Color Me Original and Color Me Pro Edition. I opted for latter. The difference between the two is that the Original is much lighter in weight, cheaper and has two different kinds of sponges for powder and liquid foundation, whereas Pro Edition is meant for professionals, it is turbocharged for long lasting of foundation up to eight hours, slightly expensive, slightly heavier in weight and has one universal sponge for all types of foundation, be it liquid, cream or powder.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Back Battery

Pro Edition is available in two colors: silver and rose gold. I picked rose gold. Packaging is adorable and feels comfortable to hold. The shape of the gadget enables me to hold it comfortably in the grip of my fingers and move it smoothly all over my face. It is quite easy to use, but I took some time to get used to the vibrating sensation. It is necessary to season the new sponge, by applying a full coat of liquid foundation. This needs to be done so that the sponge does not keep absorbing the products each time I use it.

I cleanse and moisturize my facial skin, as recommended. I then pour one or two pumps of liquid foundation on the seasoned sponge, which is already mounted. I then switch on the applicator and slowly move it all over my face blending the liquid foundation onto my nose, cheeks, forehead, jawline, and hairline. The gadget continuously vibrates and I smoothly move it all over the face, without applying pressure or rubbing. The sensation is like tapping or buffing.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review

The applicator smoothly blends the foundation onto my face. Does not pull, tug or hurt. Very safe to go close to the eyes. The narrow tip of the sponge helps to reach to the inner corners of the eyes and around the nose. It definitely does a much better job than my fingers. Helps cover my freckles and blur my acne scars. It blends my liquid foundation like a second skin and gives an even smooth surface.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Open Cap

I have also used it for applying loose / pressed powder. I first apply my concealer and then apply pressed / loose powder. To apply pressed powder, I switch on the applicator and dip it in the compact and then blend it all over my face. To apply loose powder, I remove a small of an amount in the lid or cover and then dip the applicator. It gradually blends and buffs the product evenly onto the skin.

The liquid foundation lasts for almost 6-8 hours or even more, but that does not hold true for pressed / loose powder and powder based foundation in my case. If I apply only a powder base without applying any tinted moisturizer or BB / CC cream or any liquid / cream foundation, it last only for two to four hours, after which touch ups are required. However, in my opinion, this may vary for each individual skin type, the prevailing weather, product used and the amount of time one spends indoors or outdoors. Hence, the applicator does not get the full credit or discredit.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Used Sponge

These sponges should not be washed or soaked in water, they need to be cleaned by mildly tapping on an alcoholic wipe or tissue. This definitely prolongs the usage time and quality of the sponge. I am planning to restrict this applicator for applying liquid foundation, which I do not apply regularly or on daily basis. This particular kit comes with two sponges, one attached to the applicator and one spare.

Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold Review Swatch

Refills of Pro Edition sponge are available, which currently cost £12 for two. It is advisable to replace the sponge every two to four weeks depending on the usage and cleansing. For sensitive skin, acne prone or problematic skin types, the sponge should be replaced after seven to ten uses. This is no way cost effective! Each sponge is priced at £6. If you have a normal skin and plan to use the sponge daily and clean it regularly, it can be used maximum for a month. This definitely is going to cost an extra £6 per month. Sensitive and dry skin types, who are intolerant to alcohol, may need to change the sponge twice or thrice in a month if used daily. This works out to £12 to £18 per month. Isn’t that too much?

Pros for Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold:

• A sonic makeup applicator that mimics a professional makeup artist
• Results in faster, smoother, airbrushed and flawless makeup application
• Reduces the visibility of fine lines, blurs pores and skin imperfections
• Gives medium to full / opaque coverage
• Can be used for highlighting and contouring
• One universal sponge, can be used for liquid / cream foundation, as well as BB / CC creams and also for pressed / loose powder
• Need to switch sponges for application of cream / liquid or powder formula is eliminated
• Sponges are hygienic and disposable
• Sponges are latex free and hypoallergenic
• Sponges can be cleansed, which prolongs the life of the sponges
• Travel friendly
• Looks cute and adorable

Cons for Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold:

• Not cost effective; sponge refills are very expensive

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Color Me Pro Edition Applicator in Rose Gold?
Yes, I do recommend this. However, please bear in mind the price factor involved for sponge refills.

Thanks and Cheers!

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