Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review

By Grisha Gupta

Hey peeps,

The Colorbar products that I had ordered last week have finally arrived, it was a long wait. I had ordered Zoom and Whoosh Mascara (which I totally regret now; it’s not at all waterproof) and this Kohl Intense Kajal. I love trying new kajals out. One of the main reason is that I haven’t been satisfied with the ones I have used till now, so I explore. I ordered it from their website, but it’s available at other places too. Let me tell you how it worked for me.

Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review3

Product Description:
Enjoy color and care in one: Kohl Intense Kajal lasts all day and is easy to apply due its smoothness and excellent color pay-off. A combination of active ingredients, such as vitalizing ingredients to encourage cell regeneration and natural antioxidants to prevent skin aging, is especially coordinated to condition and nourish the sensitive area around the eyes.

Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review1

INR 550 for 0.35 gm (I got it for INR 467) yayyy!

My Experience with Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal:

It comes in the classic silver packaging Colorbar has for EVERY product. I love that about them. One end is blackened to show the color of the product. The product itself is a black twist up tube. The cap fits perfectly so the product will not get damaged over time. It is sleek, easy to carry and can fit anywhere. There is no need to sharpen, so saves you a lot of time. It is life saver for me.

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Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review

I still have mixed feelings about this kajal; I neither love it nor do I hate it. I personally feel that every person has a kajal that works for them and I think I am still looking for mine. The kajals that I have used before just refused to stay on my waterline; some would smudge and some would just disappear after a while. This one is very black, but after a little while the kajal starts fading away in bits and pieces. Initially, when I used it, this did not happen. But now, it does.

Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review2

It claims that it stays for 10 hours, and it stays a maximum of 3-4 hours. It is waterproof. At night, when I went to wash my face, my mascara ran (not happy), but my kajal was intact (happy). It’s black; with the first stroke it may appear charcoal, but it is completely black with the second stroke. The twist up packaging saves an insane amount of time for me. No hassle for sharpening or the sharp edges of the kajal poking my eyes like Colorbar Smoky Kajal.

Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review4

It is light, so light that I felt I have no product on my eyes (I kept looking at the mirror every 5 minutes). It does not sting my eyes at all. I applied it to my waterline and also used it for tightlining my eyes. It’s not at all flaky. It may be a little expensive for some, but for people who like experimenting and try it once. *wink wink*

Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review5

Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review6

Pros of Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal:

• Smudgeproof, waterproof
• Light, does not sting eyes
• Completely black
• Easy to apply and carry
• Saves time, no sharpening required

Cons of Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal:

• May be expensive for some
• Fades away from my waterline in 3 hours

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal?
I have been wanting to try Faces kajal too. If I can purchase it, then no.

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4 thoughts on “Colorbar 001 Blackened Kohl Intense Kajal Review

  1. I would expect my kajal to stay more than mere 3 hours if it comes with 550 bucks. Thanks for the review dear. I was thinking to buy it too. Go for the Faces kajal. It is too good to believe (only a little bit heavy) 🙂

    1. Di, the problem is not the kajal. It’s my eyes. They don’t hold the kajal very long. And it tends to smudge. I have tried almost every kajal suggested to me, they all fade away.
      I will try the Faces kajal though. Next in line ?

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