Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush – Bronzing Glaze

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush – Bronzing Glaze


INR 650

I am always looking for blushes that I can wear without a second thought, something like NYX nutmeg shade which till date is my most fav nude blush, its matte, hardly adds color but still does something to your plain face, pink blushes is something I dont opt for day wear or casual basis, because pink is something that would not really go with most skin tones, I do have red undertones to my skin already I really dont want to look flushed, so anything to do with a brown, matte nude warm blush, I am game for it 🙂
Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush  Bronzing Glaze

IN the same thought process,I picked up this brown blush, more like a bronzer and it is named so too, I have loved colorbar blushes earlier and now they they have revamped the packaging and gone insane with the pricing et al, I thought okay let me see what is so “khaas” about them.

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush - Bronzing Glaze (2)

I saw 5 of them, the sixth shade wasn’t there, I did like the shimmer pinks one, I think I liked the Everything rosey shade but I knew I would use a warm brown more than a pink so I picked this one. I would say the blush is sheen one, not really shimmer or matte, it has these golden flecks that twinkle, and it does not go on matte.

The packaging is cute, it feels good enough to carry, but it does not come with a mirror or a brush, I don’t need a brush blue a mirror could be useful,the packaging is same as their shadows.

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush - Bronzing Glaze (3)

The color is a nice warm brown with peachy reddish kind of undertones and on the skin it comes out more of a red brown.It has these gold red shimmer but that is hardly visible on the skin honestly.

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush - Bronzing Glaze (4)

The blush is satiny soft, but not powdery soft, I will describe it like this, when you swipe your finger across, you get more of a stain on your finger rather than thick actual powder, and when you actually apply it, you will get more of a tint or a color than an actual powdery residue. Hope I drove the point home.The pigmentation is above average you can build it up, but the color being such you need less amount of the product.

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush - Bronzing Glaze (5)

The softness could be worked upon, it is not at all chalky or powdery no powder flying in the air which is a delight and the brush you apply it with gets stained with color but the blush does not really collect inside, you really need very less amount of product, because it is more like a tint for me.It blends fine and does not really get patchy.

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush - Bronzing Glaze (7)

The finish is beautiful it give a sheen and a warm glow, so I think dry skin and darker skin tone will love this as well.

Now coming to the downside, the blush could really make your complexion look muddy, there is a fine line where you have to stop, or else this will look like a brown patch, I like to keep it at the peachy brown line, and nothing more. Since it is a bronzer like color, I apply it not on the high of the cheek but kind of in the hollow and a little above.

Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush - Bronzing Glaze (6)

Another issue I have is that my skin being oily tends to drink up the blush in an hour, so what I am looking at is one hour or color and another hour of light tint, that’s it, so it is disappointing on the staying power front.I guess that has to do with the satin texture and the way it stains the cheeks lightly instead of coating them.

Last word:

It could be a great warm blush and bronzer but be careful not to make your complexion look muddy with this one, also I was expecting more than two hours wear from this on my oily skin, but I am happy the blush is not powdery or chalky at all. I am unable to understand Colorbar’s pricing these days. :/

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24 thoughts on “Colorbar CheekIllusion Blush – Bronzing Glaze

  1. Neha my reaction was like “woah” *shock* when I saw the price before reading ur review….and after reading the review it is still “woah” *shock* for the quality they provide…. *nonono* *nonono*

  2. *cry* pricing has gone insane radhika
    in college, I have bought colorbar lipstick for 75 to 90 and they were fantastic!

    1. yes I remember buying a clear lip gloss from colorbar for 75 bucks…remember the cute nude/beige colored plastic bottle and it used to smell like vanilla….now they have hiked their prices like anything and Lakme is no exception… *haan ji*

  3. I like the color alot neha di *drool* but price is too much, especially when the staying power is so less *smack*

  4. oh that’s a disappointing stay.. I like my blushes to stay all day long. I mean lipstick retouch is fine.. I rarely ever do a blush re-touch. 😐 Loved the color though. Lovely pics neha 🙂

  5. last line in review is so true.. I just checked the Nyx Nutmeg blush review you mentioned. I agree wid you its very pretty and subtle.. good review..

  6. I wish i was your age to pick all the things for such a low price *happy dance* *hihi* i went to faces yesterday even their prices have hiked yaaa *headbang* *headbang* btw the shade of the blush is damn good .. i may think over this after m done with my blush *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. aww its part of my job so that you can pick and choose from what we review 🙂
      you can buy stuff soon im sure..faces has gone insane too *hunterwali*

      1. I get loads of stuff lol aise toh rofl *hihi* but inspired by your reviews i bought four lippies yesterday *happy dance* *happy dance*

  7. Lovely pics.. 🙂 sad that it turns out to be total disappointment with such a price… *nababana* *nababana*

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