Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Review

Skin tone – dusky with warm undertones
Skin type – combination, sensitive

Hello friends,

I will be reviewing a beautiful gloss for you all today. I used to think that pink glosses do not suit dusky skin tone. But Rihanna and her bright pink lips inspired me and I decided to get a pink gloss for myself. This one is a sheer gloss from Colorbar and read the review to know if it was a good purchase.

Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Review

Price: INR 675 for 3.3ml
Product Description: Shine on like a true diva with the new Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip Gloss! This exclusive formula is made unique by light magnifying technology which allows a gorgeous glass like finish on the lips with a perfect color payoff. This gloss has an enwrapping and a cushiony texture that not only locks the lip color but also keep them moisturized and nourished. Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip Gloss comes with lip care benefits – it is Preservative Free, Allergen Free, Nano Ingredient Free, Perfume Free and is Dermatologically Tested.

Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss

My Experience with Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss:

Packaging: Like all other Colorbar products, this one too comes in a silver carton. It contains every detail about the product. At one end, there is a color-coded sticker along with the name which makes it easier to spot this gloss in your lip-gloss stash. The tube is cylindrical and transparent with a silver cap. The applicator is a normal sponge one it picks up enough product in one go for a single application. The base again contains the shade details and expiry date. You can easily carry it in your bag while travelling.

Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Packaging

Texture and pigmentation: The gloss is sheer, but it is thick and a little sticky at the same time. It is shiny like a glass which makes the naming appropriate. The pigmentation is insane and for girls with completely dark lips like me it covers up the imperfection by 70% in one go. If you have pale pink lips, just a single swipe will be enough and for dark, pigmented lips, a good lip base along with it will be perfect. The sticky texture never feels uncomfortable on the lips. It helps the gloss to adhere to the lips without any bleeding.

Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Wand

Shade: This is a bright, fresh pink which can be also described as a neon pink shade with a coral undertone. It brightens up the face and will look flattering on every skin tone. But this is not ideal for daily use. I prefer to wear it for dates or parties.

Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Swatch

Staying Power: This gloss stays on for really long – for 4-5 hours without any base colour or lip liner. I had food and drink and half of it was gone, but a beautiful colour was left behind which did not look patchy or uneven. So, with a bit of touch up, it will be perfect again. It keeps the lips moisturised and hydrated for long, even after it is removed.

Overall: This is a bright pink shade for parties as it brightens up the face and lifts the mood at the same time.

Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Lip Swatch

Pros of Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss:

⦁ Nice packaging
⦁ Pretty, bright shade
⦁ Amazing pigmentation
⦁ Super shiny and glossy
⦁ Good staying power
⦁ No harmful chemicals
⦁ Easy to apply
⦁ Non-drying
⦁ Stays on for a decent time

Cons of Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss:

⦁ Do not cover pigmented lips completely at one go
⦁ Can be too shiny for daily use

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Cherry Sheen Sheer Glass Lip Gloss?
I might try some other shade or some other range by this brand (something that’s not as sheer). If you love the colour and do not have pigmented lips, you can definitely give this one a try.

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