Colorbar Creamy Matte Lipstick 032 Tangerina Review

ColorBar Creamy Matte Lipstick 032 Tangerina

Hello beauties :toothygrin:

Today I am going to review ColorBar matte 032 tangerina.

colorbar lipstick tangerina

This is a bright orange shade with golden shimmer. All of you must have seen the scooty pepe advertisement where the girl puts that orange lipstick matching her scooty pep. Well I was searching for a similar shade. I knew Elle 18 must be having it but it’s really difficult to get elle18 in Mumbai. I must have tried each and every brand in the mall. Lakme, Maybelline, Revlon, l’oreal….you name it. I was so frustrated with the whole day of searching 😥 😥 So when the SA in colour bar showed me this. I just picked this up . It is not the shade I was searching for, but still at least it’s orange :silly: :haanji:

Last week Tommy was asking about a dupe for elle18’s poppy rush. I feel this is very similar (just a shade bright :struggle:) to that one. so thought of reviewing it for all of you. :cheers:

Price: sorry I don’t remember. I guess around 200-250 INR for 4.2 g

There is no claim mentioned on the tube. It comes with a transparent plastic cover.

Packaging: It comes in a rectangular transparent plastic casing. You can easily see the silver colored plastic tube, housing the lipstick inside through the transparent casing. At the bottom, the lipstick housing tube is transparent to give you a look of the color inside. The packaging is quite sturdy and the lipstick snaps shut with a click ensuring the cap is closed. It’s quite travel friendly and it will stay safe inside your bag without braking or opening itself.



Colour: As you can see its bright orange shade. But on application it comes off very nicely. You can use it as a day wear/evening wear /night wear as per your preference. Generally I use it as a day wear lippy.
It has a mild smell which you can easily ignore.


Texture: like the name suggests it’s really creamy. Glides on smoothly but somehow It doesn’t feel like a matte lipstick, with all the shimmer. It’s moisturizing as long as it is on your lips. One more thing I like is it does not settle into fine lines and the lips appear smooth for the whole time you have it on. :))

Pigmentation: It’s very much pigmented with a sheer finish which I really like. It covers the lip in a single swipe. However If you need more colour you need to swipe it more than once. For me, I like the subtle shade that comes with a single swipe (check out the shade on my lips) 🙂 . With these obvious shimmers (you can see the picture with flash on) it becomes too much for day wear if swiped more than once.

Staying Power: The lasting power is not very good. It starts to fade after 3-4 hrs with eating and drinking. But it fades evenly and leaves behind a very nice tinge of orange. So even if you don’t do touch ups it’s not going to look bad and if you do, then well and good. :makeup:



Pros of “032 tangerina creamy matte lipstick”:
1. Sturdy packaging.
2. Smooth and creamy. Glides easily.
3. Love the pigmentation.
4. Doesn’t bleed around the corners.
5. Even when it fades it fades evenly giving your lips a natural tinge.
6. Does not dry my lips.
7. Reasonably priced for the quality and quantity.

Cons of “032 tangerina creamy matte lipstick”:
1. I don’t like the very obvious golden shimmers. It would have been more easily wearable without those.
2. Lasting power is not very good.

My rating 3.75 out of 5

The final verdict
It’s a really nice and different shade. It’ll suit people with fair to wheatish complexion. I would definitely pick this up again…but let me finish this up first. :tongue:

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21 thoughts on “Colorbar Creamy Matte Lipstick 032 Tangerina Review

    1. yeah this is :toothygrin: i tho have found the orange i was serching on ur blog :yahoo: :yahoo: …its mango smthing frm avon i guess. m definitely gonna poick tht once i get back to mumbai O:)

    1. :thanks: taps…..actually when i first put it on i did not like it at all. now with time i hv learned the way to apply it lightly,without being too loud. :angel:

    1. yeah…same here….without the shimmer this wud have been more wearable. :haanji: this looks very loud in flash :yikes:

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