Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Classic Mauve Review, Swatch

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick Classic Mauve

Price :450

Colorbar lipstick classic mauve

Last week I happened to visit an amazing mall here in Pune, Amanora town centre. Hardly did I know there is a colorbar exclusive store there! You know how much reaction then would have been then, its obvious. My Husband’s reaction to the store was of course just the opposite 😛 I used to believe colorbar has flagship stores only in Delhi and Mumba. I was elated to see it on Pune as well. Heaven !

colorbar lipstick classic mauve pics

I attacked the crème touch lipstick as soon I entered. The SA was fantastic, very helpful and complimented me on how well I use makeup 😛 That day I had sported a brown and beige look though wearing desert rose lipstick from Chambor and the beige quad from loreal I had reviewed. Anyway, so here goes what I saw in the store.

I saw these big bronzers and blushes Rati had shared with us long back.They looked oh so tempting but very big actually so I got a little intimidated . Then there were an array of eye shadows, those round ones priced at 300 each and so many colors, needless to say , I picked up 4 of them an will be reviewing them. I picked up mainly the neutral shades and a turquoise one .So watch out for those in my reviews.

colorbar lipstick classic mauve review

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Then there were nail colors(those OPI shaped ones) and then came my dearest lippies. Well the staining velevet mattes and the soft touch ones and the new crème touch and those limited editions from diva collection and the green rimmed ones. 😛

Colorbar classic mauve lipstick review

I checked out all crème touch, I loved nude coral, passionate,café latte, dreamy pink,deeply mauve( pure plum color) red plum, candy rose and this one in classic mauve, I thought I must pick up a different color and hence I got this classic mauve.I also loved the limited addition ones in red rims and the shades I like were fiery, smoky pink and a few others.

Then there were the new glosses which are so thick that for the first time I loved the neutral gloss there priced at 450. I also saw the take me as I am lippies and I must say they are bigger than I thought, they are actually gigantic :p

Coming to the crème touch lipstick I got a bluish mauve shade since I am wearing lighter colors these days. I also many will like this one to be reviewed on imbb. The lipstick is creamy , smooth and has a glazy or glistening effect on it. Not matte, nor creamy but that glazy finish to it. It looks a little bluer than I thought and should have been pinker instead. Its very moisturizing , and fades evenly and stays for two to three hours. Thankfully it does not stain. The texture is very smooth and luscious.

The packaging is the only thing I like different form soft touch.Actually the packing is just like soft touch but its got that gorgeous purple rim to it. All the diva an the limited addition ones had color coding, the diva one has a red rim, the others have pink and green rim . The lipstick case feels very heavy and sturdy and has a mirror finish. Glamorous is the word.


Classic Mauve

Last word: They are like soft touch,may be they glide better. Only that the shades on offer are different. They have a lot of dark shade as well. This one is a classic bluish mauve, and wont do much for you complexion but can work well to tone down a deeper mauve I believe. Very soft and creamy though. Must try crème touch again!

Rating: 4 on 5

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18 thoughts on “Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Classic Mauve Review, Swatch

  1. Neha the color looks great on you but will it suit mildly dusky skin tones! I am yet to venture into mauves and this might be their debut in my vanity case ! Hey did you let the guys at the store know about your feedback about the staining new formula ?

  2. woohoo so you visited colorbar at amanora 😀 its fab isnt it 🙂 the SA’s are very helpful there..I too want to visit..will probably visit sometime next week 🙂

  3. Really lovely shade. I’m dusky & hv tried a similar shade here in Germany & it looks gr8.
    But Neha how do u get lipliners so similar to lippies? I dont even get the one resembling my dark lips & i hv to use a transparent liner 🙁 which is nt that gr8…

  4. Neha just few days back I was thinking how come you haven’t got the new range of lipsticks from Colorbar yet.. and there you go…

    I am yet to see a lipstick lover like you 🙂 🙂

    I checked the one in Passionate and loved it.. was tempted to buy but I already have 2 lipsticks in same color albeit with different texture so I somehow managed to hold mysellf back 😛 😛

  5. OMG Neha, I love it! I have done a big Colorbar haul – got myself 3 or 4 Soft touch lipsticks, 1 beautiful light purple liquid eyeliner (would go so well with this lipstick you have just reviewed), 5 of those True Gloss lip gloss (love the pigmentation and shine), 1 velvet matte lipstick (Secretly Pink) and 1 bright pink nail polish. I discovered a store here that keeps all the latest Colorbar stuff (unlike Pantaloons), and am thrilled to bits.

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