Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick-Candy Shot

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick-Candy Shot

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick comes with the promise of lips that are eloquent and luscious. It comes with lovely rich colours and rich in moisturizing properties making lips look fuller and creamier all day long. It has shea butter, Vitamin E and sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level which nourish and protect your lips against UV rays. It glides on effortlessly for flawless, even coverage for that perfect pout. Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick are the perfect way to pamper your lips, not only you will love the rich, lustrous colour, but the lovely creamy texture of the lip colour as well.

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INR 450.00

Considering how greedy I am for lippies and makeup, I shop like there is no tomorrrow. This time I had a genuine reason, that being no Colorbar exclsuive store in Chennai. Since I came to see my parents in Pune, fortunate that I am, the Colorbar store is located in the closest mall to their place 😛 So I shopped Colorbar like grocery, believe you me,the next time I come I am sure they would have lots to offer which is new and hence I shopped till I dropped, or like my husband says, I shop like all shops would close down tomorrow forever!

colorbar creme touch lipstick candy shot

colorbar creme touch lipstick

The color I got myeself is a creamy, glossy high-shine red! It is a very dressy shade and I think all the creme touch lipsticks are very glossy, none of them are creme or say semi-matte :/ and yet the name! If you love glossy full coverage lippies then you will love this range. For me I am finding the gloss too much too handle honestly. The color is very party and very bridal.

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The shade is a red with pink undertones and it has this silver glaze to it, it is not pure red, it has pinky undertones and this is such an 80’s color and reminds me of Reena Roy’s lips.For what ever reason. The shade is very shiny, its not just water shine it is really bright glossy-oily sheen that reflects so much light! The texture is medium thick and it is full coverage and very pigmented. The lipstick is not sheer, and the red may not be that bold but the sheen to it makes it very bold and I am not comfortable with shiny reds.

red lipstick

The lipstick transfers easily here and there, your hair stick to it and smear the shade on you cheeks in thin lines and it does not settle, the gloss on it keeps gleaming with the light falling on it and the texture doesn’t flatter my lips at all! It does not bleed since it is not light. The staying power is fine too, above average and it doesn’t fade that easily and does not leave a stain behind either.

colorbar creme touch lipstick candy shot swatch

On the postive side, the texture is very creamy, very luscious and saucy and the shade is highly pigmented. It glides like butter and covers pigmentation on the lips as well.I have a problem with how waxy it might feel and how shiny it is! Nothing else!

glossy red lips

Last word:

It is a very dressy, pinky-red with a waxy oily glossy feel to it, nevetheless it is very creamy and luscious, just that the shade does not do much for me. You might still like this! 🙂


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24 thoughts on “Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick-Candy Shot

  1. lippy queen ….hello, hw r u ??? wishing u a happy lohri 🙂 btw nice pictures and a lovely lip swatch, going by ur review, I think I will give it a pass.

  2. Loved this shade only on u.. 🙂 it won’t suit me 🙁
    U can easily pull off any boring dud color n adding ur tadka u make it ever charming n gorgeous.. 🙂 u shud get ur pouts insured :p

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