Colorbar Day Proof Pink Tatoo Lipstick Review

Colorbar Day Proof Pink Tatoo Lipstick Review

Colorbar Day Proof Pink Tatoo Lipstick


It has been 2 years and I do not remember the exact price. It was around 300-350 back then.



Swatches without flash (upper one 3 swipes, lower one single swipe):


Swatches with flash on:


My Experience with ColorBar Day Proof Range – 004 Pink Tatoo:

This was my first colorbar lipstick, from the day proof range, but they have discontinued it now. I’ve tried to search for something similar as it’s going to expire in a few months, but still not been able to find anything close to its texture and color. I so love the texture of this lipstick. It’s the perfect matte thing I’ve tried so far. In those two years, this is the one I reached out for most of the time. The main reason being I don’t like dark and very bright shades, but I am not very much into nudes also. This is the perfect in-between solution for somebody like me, not very bright, not too shiny, and not at all dull looking.

Texture and Color:

As the name suggests, it is a pink but with a little (very faint) mauve tinge to it. The thing I like about this most is the fact that I can use it with anything and everything from my wardrobe without making it look OTT (very rare for a pink lippy!!!) Just a swipe and it brightens up your face even without any make up on. With time, it has lost its creamy texture, but still I feel this is the best of the lot I have with me.

Staying Power:

It stays put in its place for 5 hours very easily. It is not very moisturizing, which I feel is the case with most of the long stay lip colors, so can’t really complain. Even when it fades, it leaves a faint tint on your lips, which give a natural healthy rosy lips kind of feel to it.
Pigmentation and Coverage:

For pigmentation and coverage, you can check the swatches. On single swipe, it seems somewhat sheer in the pictures, but believe me, it gives just the perfect coverage to my lips on a single go. My lips have a natural pink tinge to it ( touchwood!!! ). I can certainly call it my MLBB lippy (sad, it’s not available now).


1.  Lovely natural looking pink, will suit wheatish-to-fair skinned people really well.
2.  Stays at least for 5 hours in place.
3.  Fades evenly leaving behind a lovely tinge.
4.  Imparts a perfect matte look.
5.  Pigmentation is good and is quite buildable.
6.  Coverage is really good.
7.  It makes my otherwise thin lips appear fuller.


1.  With time, the creamy texture is gone and it dries out the lips. So, a lip balm or moisturizer is must before application.
2.  Accentuates the fine lines if you have chapped lips.

This is how it looks on my lips. I’ve applied a clear lip balm over it, (forgot to apply before 😛 ):

Without flash:


With flash:


My Rating:

4 out of 5.

Final Word:

I so hope Colorbar gets this shade back in the market. I would definitely love to buy it again, if and when made available.

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40 thoughts on “Colorbar Day Proof Pink Tatoo Lipstick Review

  1. The ‘with flash’ picture is so pretty! Nice review Jyo! It sucks when our favorite products get discontinued, especially makeup items. You find that perfect color, the perfect shade, and then they have to discontinue the range! :scream: :scream: :scream:

  2. o beautiful :woot: i am a huge colorbar person but never heard of these “day proff lisptikcs”…neha, are u listening? :tongue:

      1. hang on these work like 9 to five
        i have an earth shade in this i think
        puhlease im not gonna go to the fridge and look now :yawn:

        but ya these are hard to remove

      1. u have beautifulll lips jyo and yeah i knw this coz i got the lipstick almost a year ago.not very recent with colorbar this one.

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