Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish Review

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Hi girls,

A classic silver shade of eyeshadow is a must in everyone’s collection. This one is gorgeous and delivers everything you want from a silver shadow – the shine, smoothness and the pigment. Take a look and decide if you would like to play with a silver shadow and a deep black kohl look next.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish Review

Product Description:
This new line of shadows features a completely revamped assortment of shades and textures from Matte to Pearly to High shimmer. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the formula resulting in insane color payout, color that stays on your lids, and sparkle that doesn’t fall. The amazing technology works for every shade and finish.
550 INR for 4 gm.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish shade name

My Experience with Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish:

The packaging is standard across all Colorbar products – the shiny silver reflective pack is quite to my liking these days.

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Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish packaging

“Cherish” is a popping silver shade with lot of metallic shine to it. The color does not have chunky shimmer or glitter thankfully and it looks gorgeous all alone on the lid. This is a proper lid color if you want to add a subtle shine to the lids. If you are a fan of matte shades for the eyes, this can be skipped.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish in pan

If you like your shadows to catch the light, this silver is ideal without going to glittery or shiny . When you pat it on a primer, this color looks fab and lasts for more than 5 hours. If you smudge or blend it, you might get more shine in fine shimmer than any real silver shade to it. It can also fall into the grey metallic category.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish swatch on hand

The finish of this shadow is smooth and the texture is not at all powdery or chalky. It feels super smooth. I love to use my fingers to dab it on rather than use a flat brush. Overall, the texture and the shade of “Cherish” is really impressive.

Pros of Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish:

  • Beautiful popping silver.
  • Smooth finish.
  • No chunky shimmer or glitter.
  • High metallic shine.
  • Works best and stays the longest on top of a primer.

Cons of Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish:

  • If you blend or smudge, the color will be lost.
  • You will need a primer if you have oily eyelids.
  • If you drop this pan, it will break easily owing to the soft texture.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Cherish?
Yes, I will, if you like metallic shadows with such a smooth texture, this is great. In fact, this whole line of shadows is nice if you are not into matte shades. It is time they launch an entirely matte collection.
IMBB Rating:

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