Colorbar Eyebelieve Ultimate Eye Cream Review

Colorbar Eyebelieve Ultimate Eye Cream

A multi-tasking formula powered with a unique combination of ‘Caffeine’ and ‘Rice Bran’ that instantly repairs under-eye dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

Just pump out a small amount and gently glide that roller onto cleansed eye area. Massage until absorbed. Apply each day as a targeted treatment or as a base for under-eye makeup.


This is another pick from Colorbar skin. I have really mixed feelings for the whole range, and he products are definitely overpriced. some of them turned out to be major flops for me.While others work above average. The pricing of 950 or 850 simply seems exorbitant. Anyway let us see how the eye cream is.


The pump works the same way as lip mender,thankfully this one works. I had to pump it a 1000 times to get the product out,I also kept it inverted. The eye cream is a soft gel creme formula and it comes in a nice steel roller ball, which is super cooling. I find the packaging quite attractive provided the pump works fine.

The creme is smooth and fragrance free,which is great.The cream is very soothing,it is on the calming side which is great. The roller ball dispenses the creme from three sides, and half a pump is quite enough honestly.The creme feels light and water based instead of being greasy or heavy.The ball is metallic and is very cooling, I am tempted to cool it in the fridge too some time in the summer.


The roller can be directly applied under the eyes, I go anti clockwise and clockwise too, till half the cream is absorbed.Then I use my ring finger to rub the rest of the cream in. I should it is not oily but yes there is layer of cream you can feel after it is absorbed.I do not wear eye creams under my makeup but this one claims you can ,I feel is if mild enough.


I use it at night, I had deep set are under the eyes not much of darkness,for the darkness it has done nothing but it has soothed and hydrated the skin around the eyes. I think ladies with dry skin around the eyes will love this.I do not recommend it for very serious case of dark circles.For milder issues, the roller ball massage will work great.It does combat puffiness due to the roller ball.The massage is the key here.



I am recommending this cream to dry eye area and also as a light soothing day eye cream too. you can use it at night like me.The best part is the soothing non irritating factor.It does leave some grease behind but my eyes never sting or burn,it feels like wearing no eye cream.It would not work for dark circles but it provides the right hydration around the eyes for me.I do like the metallic ball for application but I like to clean it after every use as the left over tends to dry out around the mouth.The pump is working fine but I cannot say till when.

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4 thoughts on “Colorbar Eyebelieve Ultimate Eye Cream Review

  1. I hate how colorbar is increasing its price with some launches. I wish the product did justice to the price *hunterwali*

  2. sounds like a good under eye cream neha. I have the same issues. under eye circles… they dont leave *headbang* *headbang* *headbang* good review. Loving your colorbar skin care reviews. 🙂

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