Colorbar Eyeshadow Silver Ring-Review,Swatch,EOTD

Colorbar Eyeshadow Silver Ring-Review,Swatch,EOTD

The Eye Shadow is a pigmented powder that gives the eyes a shine and pearl-like effect. Ultra fine in texture, it is easy to blend while its moisturising agent keeps your eyelids soft and smooth. This product is long lasting and fade resistant.
Colorbar eyeshadow silver ring



I was told they are now being hiked to Rs.350 a pot.

I got some gorgeous eye shadows from the Colorbar store as well, apart from the pretty lip colors. The shadows are a variety of shades but not texture or finishes. I noticed that the shadows are mainly metallic or shimmer and not mattes.They need to work in the “finish” department like MAC.

Colorbar eye shadow silver ring (4)

The packaging is cute and functional. They have a curved applicator underneath which I don’t use at all! The sponge tip is no doubt good and could be used but I find the whole process very cumbersome.It also has a tiny mirror underneath, well see for your own how usable it is!

Colorbar eye shadow silver ring (5)


The shadow is prettiest softest silver shadow I have seen till date.It is high shine/metallic with no loose shimmer in it, it is tightly packed but still there is no fall out on it. It is not shimmery but the shimmer is tightly  packed making it metallic. The shadow has no fall out what so ever.

Colorbar eye shadow silver ring (1)


The shadow is extremely pigmented,you need a little swipe on your finger to pack it on, just one swipe is enough. You get the color true to the pot when you pack it on, I suggest no blending but gentle patting motion to apply it. The texture is almost buttery soft and I love to death!

Colorbar eye shadow silver ring (2)


I paired it with purple in the crease  but you could of course use this alone on the lid to brighten your eyes or you could use it with black or blue. You will be surprised by the top quality it offers.

Colorbar eye shadow silver ring swatches


Because it is so soft, it might crease sooner than you want, I suggest using a simple base like Jordana one or a concealer or using very little product so that it wont crease that easily. I love how it contrasts with a simple black eye liner!

Ignore the flying falsies and the crease color, the silver is shown on the lid itself for reference 😛

silver purple eye makeup

hazel eyes

Last word:

Colorbar eye shadows are real value for money, I love them and you will witnessing many more reviews on these shadows soon! This is one is THE silver you will want to get yourself!

IMBB Rating:

10 on 5 oops 5/5

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  1. neha meri khoobsoorat pari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this loooks super gorgeous on you!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sure to pick some browns frmo this range sad they dont have matte ones

  2. Hey Neha… ooo ur eyes are looking xxxy 🙂 .. me loving this combo ..very creative 🙂 will definately try it 🙂 and yup u have totally sold these e/s to me will grab them soon 🙂

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