Colorbar French Manicure Kit Review

Hello sweeties,
When it comes to paintings my nails, I always rely on French manicure because it is a versatile style. No matter what I wear, I know French manicure is going to look great! I haven’t really tried a lot of French manicure kits, but when I saw this new launch by Colorbar, I knew I had to get it. So let’s see how this little kit worked for my nails.
Colorbar French Manicure Kit Review

Product Description:
Nail trends come and go but the French Charm is eternal! Colorbar launches a DIY French Manicure Kit specially crafted to complement Indian skin tones. This French trio provides dual benefits of both nail color and nail care, leaving behind delicate, clean and healthy pink nails.
• 3-Free Formula
• Precision Brush
• Long-lasting shine
• Anti-chip protection

Rs 500 (5 ml x 3 units)

How to Use:
• Start with our long-lasting & chip-resistant French Pink shade and apply two coats fully covering your nails. Let it dry.
• Apply the Pure White shade using the in-built precision brush, to create white tips on all 10 nails. Let it dry
• Top it up with our high-shine, long-lasting top coat to help prevent chipping, splitting and yellowing.
Tip: Re-apply the top coat whenever needed for a shine upgrade.

My Experience with Colorbar French Manicure Kit:

nail paints

Packaging: The French manicure kit comes in a very cute packaging in pink and white. The packaging does have that subtle French hints with a little Eiffel tower over it. The packaging is pretty compact and hence very travel-friendly. The bottles are really tiny in size and pretty sturdy as they do not break when they fall. But I feel the quantity is a little less in regards to the price because the big bottles of Colorbar cost the same. The brush of the nail paint has nice soft bristles which glide smoothly on the nails, so no major flaws with the packaging.


Shades and consistency: It has 3 shades in the kit and personally if you ask me, I would always skip the pink one because I don’t feel there is any need. But for review purpose, I did use it! The pink one is actually a flesh-toned nail paint and it matches the shade of my nails when I apply it. It basically evens out the colour but the application is a bit stark which is why I wouldn’t like using this. The consistency of the nail paint is pretty thick, not smooth enough to layer up 2 coats. It looks very unprofessional, like you can see in the pictures.


The white is a nice opaque shade which is visible in one coat itself, but I wish there were tip guides in the kit for a perfect application because a French manicure looks very shabby if the lines are not perfect. And I couldn’t create perfect lines, so yeah a bit disappointed. The base coat is a clear one which is, again, pretty thick and feel heavy. But it gives a nice glossy shine to my nails and makes them look healthy. I am happy that these nail paints dry up pretty quickly since I do not have enough patience.

white nail polish

Staying power: The French manicure stays on my nails for 4-5 days if sealed with the top coat of the kit. I ensure that I apply 2 coats since it might chip a little with just one coat. It chips a little from the tips but that isn’t very noticeable. Overall, a nice kit but I wish the application and the texture were better.

french manicure

Pros of Colorbar French Manicure Kit:

• Compact, cute and travel friendly kit
• Mini and sturdy bottles
• 3 shades to create a pretty French manicure look
• The white shade is quite opaque
• Top coat adds a nice shine
• Nail paints dry up pretty quickly on nails
• Doesn’t chip for 4-5 days, if sealed with a top coat
• Easy to use

beautiful french manicure

Cons of Colorbar French Manicure Kit:

• The consistency is not very smooth
• Application is a bit uneven and looks very unprofessional
• This “kit” lacks tip guides

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar French Manicure Kit?
I wouldn’t get it again since this will last long but I might go ahead and explore some other options. Rather than getting this kit, one can go for a good top coat and a white nail paint.

IMBB Rating:

The nails kits from Colorbar are pretty cute but I think they are expensive because the loose nail paints from other brands are quite cheaper!

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