Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me

Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me

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Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick Tempt Me

Today, my review is about Colorbar Long Wear Lipstick in the shade “Tempt Me.”  Again, I am surprised that this hasn’t been reviewed here before because I am sure I have read posts where people have mentioned/suggested it. I have been eyeing this one for quite some time, but the price (Rs. 575) had been putting me off.  Anyway, this weekend, I was in a good mood and decided to do a mini haul and this was one of my buys! (Will review some of the other stuff soon, stay tuned for an overdose of Green Tea! :D)

Tempt Me

Product Details:

The Colorbar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick has a special matte formula that makes it easy to apply. Sets within seconds of application and makes your lips look fuller. Its waterproof formulation makes it last for up to 8 hours. Enriched with vitamin E, the Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is smooth, creamy and gives excellent color without drying or cracking the lips also acting as a natural antioxidant against skin ageing. The Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is perfectly complimented with a Colorbar lip liner.

Tempt Me


Cyclopentasiloxane, octyldodecyl, paraffin, polybutene, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, ozokerite, jojoba seed oil etc.

Tempt Me

My Experience with Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me:

I really love the colour of this lipstick.  It is a muted, very wearable, brick color. The lipstick glides on smooth and the slim stick-like packaging makes application very easy. If you have been reading my reviews, you might have noticed that I like muted colours that make me look nice and bright, but not “made-up.” This colour is also like that, its close to my natural lip colour and gives a nice finish to the lips. However, if you look closely, you can see that this lipstick also accentuates the fine lines on the lips. So, I tried applying a balm on top and it worked quite well.  The fine lines were “filled” and everything was perfect.

Tempt Me

But of course, nothing is perfect.  After I removed the lipstick (using a makeup remover), my lips felt dry and cracked. Even though it doesn’t feel uncomfortably dry while the lipstick is on the lips, it does dry out the lips in the long run. This is a problem with most longwear lipsticks though, and so I am inclined to give this the benefit of doubt.

Tempt Me

I love the packaging, it looks so sleek and sexy!  I must confess, the packaging was also a deciding factor for buying this lipstick.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2


Rs. 575 for 2.5 gm.

Pros of Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me:

  • Beautiful colour.
  • Soft and creamy, glides on the lips very smoothly.
  • Long staying, stays even after meals.
  • Fades evenly and leaves a nice stain on the lips which is NOT NEON like some other lipsticks :/. Its mute and pretty, just the right amount of pigmentation.
  • Beautiful packaging.

Cons of Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me:

  • A bit pricey.
  • Drying on the lips.
  • Accentuates fine lines.
  • Its so soft and creamy that it kind of melts, it might break if not used very carefully.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

Final Verdict on Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me:

It’s a good lipstick, but needs to be worn with a lip balm for the best experience.

Will I Buy Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me Again?

Don’t think so, I am really a lip gloss person.  I rarely buy lipsticks and when I do, they last like forever.  So, I am sure its going to last so long that Colorbar would discontinue the range by then 😛

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26 thoughts on “Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick – Tempt Me

  1. The colour is lovely 🙂 it looks a little orangish on your lips..
    i’ve wanted an orangish looking lipstick since a very long time..

    I wonder if it would suit my dusky complexion and if the colour would
    look the same on my pigmented lips 🙁

    1. Most likely not….first the pics are a bit more orangish than the actual colour….second…every lip colour looks slightly orangish on my lips 😐 (My mom owna a dark plum lipstick which looks maroon on my lips…)

  2. I ve been eyeing this since long.But it looked muted pink to me at the store. 😐 Now confused with the shade on ur lips 😛

      1. Ohhk.get it. 🙂 Actually It was a good match to the shade i was searching a dupe of! On me it looks mauve pink somehow. No hint of peach 😐

  3. For me hand swatch is different from lip swatch..
    But i loved it on your lips 🙂 you have a beautiful lips oopsii 🙂

  4. Very pretty color.. N no shimmers too..!! 😀
    Wish it was more moisturizing though.. Nice review oopsii! 🙂

    1. yeah even I wish it was more moisturizing 🙁 ….but at least its no uncomfortable like some other long wear lipsticks i have used….

  5. hummm i too have d same lippy in the shade ‘keep blushing’…the pros & cons are absolutely true….nice review

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