Colorbar Hard As Nails and Maybelline Colorama Nailpaints Overview

Colorbar Hard As Nails and Maybelline Colorama Nailpaints Overview

This post is my entry for the 500 Post Giveaway and I thought rather than doing some random product review, why not do a post about something which is very special to me and that has been possible thanks to IMBB. This post is also my way of saying thanks to Rati for this awesome platform she has provided to us not only for sharing our common liking for beauty and makeup but also adding a bit of a humor in our everyday life.

Many of you might have read some of my comments on IMBB cribbing about my brittle nails . 🙂

I have extremely brittle nails that refuse to grown beyond a certain limit and stay put there. To be very frank, I used to bite my nails until some years back and maybe that’s wht made my nails so brittle. But even after completely stopping that, my nails would just break or chip into 2 after growing to a certain extent. I would also joke to my friends saying they are scared to grow now, they feel I will start eating them again….

I tried using olive oil etc on my nails but that too didn’t seem to work. Because of this, I never really felt like even purchasing nail paints (not that I didn’t) because even the prettiest of colors wouldn’t look so nice on my nails . 🙁

Then came Neha’s post on Colorbar Nail Treatment Hard As Nails and after reading that I was extremely happy that maybe now my problem maybe solved. So the immediate weekend I rushed to the beauty store to get the Colorbar nail hardner but to my utter disappointment, it was out of stock. I went back again after 2 weeks (that’s when I was told stocks would arrive) but this time too it wasn’t available. But the SA showed me the colorbar nail repair which also seemed to harden brittle nails and help grow. So I purchased that with high hopes of getting some decently beautiful nails.

Colorbar Hard as Nails

Did the Nail Repair work?? Lets see the pictures below…
Peals be ready for some not-so-pretty pictures

This is a pic of my nails on the day I got the Nail Repair. Can you see how small my nails are . 🙁

Before Colorbar Nail treatement

And my nails now…after almost 4-5 weeks !!!

Colorbar Hard as Nails

I know many of you might be thinking that my nails are much more longer than this!! Why is she excited about these nails!! But if you see my nails above then they have come a long way!! :))

So now that my nails are in pretty decent condition, I thought of sharing with you some Maybelline Colorama Nail Paints I own.

I am not very neat at applying nail paints so apologies for that ( any tips??) ….I am thinking of getting the Oriflame corrector soon, since I would be using more nail paints now . 🙂

Maybelline Colorama Nail Paints

Dusky : This is a non-shimmery brown shade. Not really a nude color but a very soft color with glossy finish. A very nice pick for office wear.


Silver Almond : This is a pure silver color. Gives a glossy finish.

Silver Almond

Crystal Clear : As the name says, this is just a clear nail paint…no shimmer or glitter.

Chic : It is a deep pink color with glossy finish. I don’t really like bold color nail paints. I basically bought this for my mom..this shade suits her a lot but just thought of trying on my hands as well.
Starlight : This is a shimmery brown color. Loving this shade a lot!!

Chic and Starlight are new additions to my collection. I bought them just last week (was included in my mini haul)

The have increased the quantity and price of the nail paints from the last time I bought. As you can see, Dusky, Silver Almond and Crystal are 7.5 ml. Chic and Starlight are 8 ml.

The older ones i.e Dusky, Silver Almond and Crystal Clear costed me Rs. 65. Chic and Starlight costed me Rs. 79.

I hope this didn’t sound like a rant post and you guys enjoyed atleast having a look at the nail shades!!

P.S A very very special thanks to Neha for her post on the Colorbar Nail Hardner. I wouldn’t have bought the Colorbar Nail Repair had it not been for her post and would have still been cribbing about my nails. These days I just keep looking at my nails every few hrs and keep adoring them . 🙂

Though I like nail paints but I never really shopped for them with keen interest since my nails would not do justice to even the prettiest of colors…but now nail paints are on high priority on my list !! Bought 1 from colorbar with the nail repair and am soon gonna buy some more….want to try colors like blue etc now

P.P.S : I wish that Rati would announce the 1000 Post Giveway pretty soon!!


41 thoughts on “Colorbar Hard As Nails and Maybelline Colorama Nailpaints Overview

  1. Chic is a nice shade…. sometimes you buy a certain nail paint based on swatches and hate it on your hands / toes after a complete application? the reverse is also true! from all the pics above, starlight and chic are definitely the best!
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

  2. HD that’s an amazing growth of your nails. 🙂 And they look quite nice with this length. These days I am enjoying short nails phase. 🙂

    Good to see you so happy. 🙂

    I wore the only silver nail paint for one year at a go.

    Loved Chic. Will pick one for myself also. 🙂

    1. You cant imagine how happy I am 😀 and thank you for that :-* :-*

      Yes, I m totally loving the length rite now…if it grows further it wud be like sone pe suhaga..but even if it doesnt I am very happy :-))

      I cant wear a single shade for more than 2 weeks consecutive..thats like the max!!! get bored thn even if its my fav shade…need change

      I am gng to explore colorbar n bourjois now….heard bourjois hs some nice shades too. Any shade recos u hv from colorbar? I already hv one frosty pink

      1. Pick up the one from their 6 new shades ..

        These days I am eyeing some of their nude and pastel shades as well. The collection at their store is huge…Actually you know HD, just explore. Your nails do look good , you may pull off a lot of shades now. Just a little tip would be that the darker shades make your nails look shorter, so if you don’t want that you may stick to pretty-pretty light shades.

        I also get bored of the shades quite easily.

        1. ohh..thks for the tip..maybe thats why I liked starlight more than chic!!

          And by tht wish I only meant u cross that landmark soon!! :-))

    1. HD, Great to see that u found out the perfect product for your nails!!Chic is a lovely shade and i think lotus has a similar shade called candy drop- i have it , feels almost similar..

      1. hey Shyna…yes I am really glad this worked for me. Yes Candy drop is similar but I think Chic is more deeper than candy drop

  3. wow hetvi i think u wrote this for me only coz m having this phase i wish some miracle would happen someday … and now u r here for my rescue …
    thanks and next time ur face tut. or something pls wanna see u dear … its always good to know eachother right?

    1. Thanks Rashmi…do get the nail hardner or nail repair…I am sure it would work as wonderfully for you too…

      I am not really camera friendly and neither I am a pro at tuts like u guys but we would def plan to meet someday :yes:

  4. HD, I can totally relate to the brittle, short (Read ugly) nails… I chewed my nails to my heart’s content until my college days… (Read until I got a boyfriend)… 😮 😮 😮

    Then looking at my BF’s well maintained, neat and pink nails 😯 😯 😯 , I felt ashamed and started taking good care of myself… :blush: :blush: :blush:

    As a Pharmacist, I would also like to mention that Calcium supplements worked wonders for my nails- as brittle nails usually indicate deficiency. (Pls consult your doctor before reaching to a conclusion and taking ANY medicines :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: !!!!)

    So Moral of the story…. I have been taking good care of my nails and they are alright now…. So i can totally understand your triumphant feelings!! :yes: :yes: This calls for a toast… :drink: :drink: :drink:
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

    1. I soo regret chewing my nails !!! But happy now !!!

      Though hvnt consulted any doc..i dont think I shud be hvng calcium def…I am quite regular with my milk intake so I think so….Once a lady at a parlour told me that my nails are thin thats the reason it cud be brittle as well…anyhow now they are fine…

      you knw I hv neverr got a manicure done until now….will be getting one done soon and I am soo looking fwd to it

      Cheers :drink: :drink:

  5. Hey HD, a lovely post on your experience on IMBB :yes: :yes: …..though I do bite my nails, I never grow them beyond what you have shown in your “after 4-5 weeks” pics. I am a nail polish/nail paint freak and I hoarde them. Actually, my mom does not sympathize with my hoarding mania and she gives out my old nail polishes to our neigbhorhood girls who are just getting interested in nail polishes and lipsticks…….. 😥 😥

    1. Thank you Jomol :-* n pls stop biting ur nails….ur nails will be thankful to you for that….hv u heard of the nail-cutter?? I’ve never needed it though 😀

      I love nail paints…but just couldnt enjoy thm enuf until now..nw I will pamper myself w some new nail paints….

      Oh my mom doesnt give away my stuff…infact sometimes when I am bored of something and ask her to give it away she doesnt like doing it :-))

  6. That was a tremendous change HD..great.

    I too don’t grow my nails too long. Just about medium. But right now I am in a short phase too lol

    Colorama is definitely coming up with lovely shades. I’m planning some Inglot and Colorbar when I go to Delhi.

    Jomo…your mom, my mom..same same. She used to do that always when me and ma sis hoarded stuff.OMG..we had so much of arguments for that..hehe

    1. Thanks alot Poornima….

      I am planning to get some colorbar ones for myself soon….I hv max colorama and revlon in my collection so wanna explore other brands now

  7. Hi HD, neat post..Im glad somethings working for your nails now, they are looking nice, I personally dnt grow my finger nails as dirt always seems to collect under my nails no matter how clean I try and keep them also I wear lens so not a good idea I guess :).. but I love painting my toenails and particularly liked starlight..thinking of picking it up 🙂

    1. Thanks Renuca 😀

      I knw wht mean by all that dirt…I faced the same issue recently for the first time while helping mom in the kitchen 😉 but u knw wht I dont mind spending a few mins cleaning my nails after kitchen work…lens issue I knw sad na…but u can atleast grow ur left finger nails…

  8. i liked all the colors on ur nails frankly speaking!
    i have used silver frost and had loved it but just got bored then
    but al colors look sophisticated on ur nails

  9. your nails look most beautiful in the after 4-5 weeks picture. so neat and nicely maintained. this is such an inspiring post . i don’t chew my nails but i am feeling so happy for you. this blog always brings happiness in my day. have a happy nails life. :-))

  10. hey HD m very happy for u, atlast u found the right product for urself…there is a definate change in the two pictures.i can relate hw happy r u feeling now hai na…
    oh i liked the chic bt dont think it wil go wel with my complextion.. so wil settle with the dusky infact.. :giggle:

  11. a tip see if it helps. Apply the nail paints to the edges first & then fill up the middle part.. 😀 1 2 3 n u r done .i apply the same trick :snicker:

    1. Yeah sush…very happy :blush:

      I kinda apply my nail paints in a similar fashion but still its not 100% neat…anyways…I rite now use a long pointed stick with little cotton at the end to remove all the xtra polish overflow…will get a corrector soon 🙂

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