Colorbar I-Define Eye Pencil Midnight Black 07 Review

Hi girls,

While cleaning my make up stash last weekend, I found an eye pencil that I shall be reviewing today. I had bought it 2 years back. Used it a couple of times, did not like it and had kept it inside. I was discarding my make up which was nearing the expiry date, hence I found this pencil from my stash. Read on further to know why I didn’t like it.

Product being reviewed : Colorbar I-Define Eye Pencil Midnight Black 07

Colorbar I DEfine


INR 325 for 1.1 gms


Rich in colour and silky smooth, the I Define Eye Pencil gives colour to the eyes in one stroke. Smudge proof and waterproof, it does not feather or bleed. Available in matte and pearly finish, it gives the eyes a flat or frosted look. Lasting up to 24 hours.

Colorbar I DEfine

My Take on Colorbar I-Define Eye Pencil Midnight Black 07:

Colorbar is one brand which I am quite loyal to since 4 years. I have been using their soft touch and crème touch range of lipsticks. I also have a few I glide pencils from them, but the I Define range of eye pencils and particularly the shade that I am going to review has left me disappointed. These eye pencils are grey(ish) in colour with the product shade of the same colour attached to the tail end. I incidentally broke the tail end while sharpening one day. If you carry more than one shade, through the tail cap it would be easier for you to identify the shade. The silver grey coloured cap doesn’t fit too tightly, it has opened up quite a number of times in my handbag.

Colorbar I DEfine

Colorbar I DEfine

Coming to the colour, it is not a jet black shade; it is a matte black shade. Even with multiple swipes, you would not get the intense black shade. The pigmentation is below average and it will be difficult to build up the intensity. The texture is dry and it pulls and tugs the eyes. The first time I tried to build up the intensity my eye turned red because of exerting constant pressure on the lower lid. I have oily lids and it smudges in an hour’s time. In two hours time it completely vanishes leaving me only with raccoon eyes.

I really don’t see anything good in this pencil. I haven’t used this pencil much, just once or twice; but I have a habit of sharpening my pencils every week and that is how it is left this small.

Colorbar I DEfine

Pros of Colorbar I-Define Eye Pencil Midnight Black 07:

  • Hygienic pencil lid as it can be sharpened.

Cons of Colorbar I-Define Eye Pencil Midnight Black 07:

  • Not a jet black colour.
  • Tugs and pulls the eye lids.
  • Smudges badly.
  • The pigmentation is below average.
  • A sharpener could be provided with the pencils.
  • Over priced for the quality they are offering.
  • Texture is dry and scratchy. It is a pain to apply it on the eyelids
  • Though sharpening is hygienic, but it wastes a lot of product.
  • The cap doesn’t fit tightly.
  • False product claims.

Would I repurchase/recommend Colorbar I-Define Eye Pencil Midnight Black 07?

Oh no, never. I hate it and would not suggest it to any one. It is a total waste of money.

IMBB Rating:

1 out of 5

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