Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil in Silver Hue Review

Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil in Silver Hue

Colorbar I-glide eye pencils are being loved by everyone on IMBB including me. I will be reviewing its shade no.1 which is silver hue. Read on to know about this shade.

Product Description: The I-Glide Eye Pencil defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner, with its smooth formulation, which gives your eyes rich colour in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. Lasts longer than 8 hours; does not feather or bleed.


Price: Rs 399/-

My experience with Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil in Silver Hue:

This eyeliner is very creamy, glides like butter on my lash lines. This product definitely stands upto its claims. The pencil is highly pigmented and very intense.

Silver Hue is a gorgeous shimmery silver shade; it feels as if one has applied tons of crystals on your lash line. Since I bought it in silver color, I thought it would give me the desired color in 2-3 strokes. But boy was I surprised, it gives a beautiful solid silver shade just in a single swipe. After applying, I let it set for 3-4 minute. It does not smudgeat all but when applied on water line it starts to break out after 2-3 hours. So I do not apply it on my water line, also I am not sure if it is safe.


The staying power is pretty good; it stays for around 5-6 hours without smudging. It can be easily removed with makeup remover. I generally remove it by almond oil, which works great.

This shade is so intense that can be also used as an eye-shadow.I really like the packaging (especially the sleek silver box, though I threw away mine 😛 :P).

On the downside, it is very soft and becomes blunt very fast. So one needs to sharpen it quite frequently, which leads to wastage of product too.


Pros of Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Silver Hue:

• Glides very easily
• Excellent Staying power
• Beautiful shade& can be used as an eye-shadow too.
• Can be removed easily
• Smudge proof and waterproof
• Intense color


Cons of Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Silver Hue:

• It is very soft, thus prone to breakage.
• Quite expensive compared to other brands
• Requires a lot of sharpening.
• Not suitable for water line

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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12 thoughts on “Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil in Silver Hue Review

  1. that’s a gorgeousss shade. Love i glides. But I ‘d personally wear it in the inner corner of my eyes as a highlight. What you did looks lovely as well. :))

  2. Its such a different n a glam shade *clap* soo unique *drool* i wanna try this one *hifive* *haan ji*

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