Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal – Just Grey

Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Grey

Just Smoky Kajal gets you Glam ready in just 50 seconds. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you 3-in-1 benefits of an Eyeliner, Kajal and an Eye Shadow. It helps you to achieve the mysterious smoky-eyed look which will last for up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion which can be used to demystify the art of smoky eyes. The intense color and matte texture of the pencil adds definition and drama to your eyes. It has waterproof property and does not transfer.


INR 650

Read the green, black, teal and blue shades as well. This is the last one from the category. I picked up safer colors which I know would finish soon. This is a super creamy pencil that sets, so chances are if you leave the cap open for long, the pencil might dry up.


It is better priced than Lakme kohl ultimate and has more colors.This is of course better creamy and intense than Lakme eyeconics. Anyway, so much for the comparison…This color is a beautiful grey with super matte finish.This sets after application and not even a lotion cleanser could take it off my hand easily.It needed a minute’s job to erase it off.Super impressive.

The pencil is super creamy but can crumble too if not applied gently.The pencil is intense in one go.You will not need to apply any pressure on the pencil.The color comes intense and opaque and will show up prominently.It is not greasy buttery, but dry creamy types 😛 I think the texture of Faces solid black is greasy buttery, if you know what I mean.


The color could look dull, it is better suited to cool skin tones.This could be a great substitute for black, if you want to keep it subtle.Just like how warm skin can try browns, cool skin tones can try greys.


Once the color is on, you can forget about it.It does not bleed, flake, or transfer to upper lid for 6 long hours,it is like tattoo 😛 after 6 hours if you have oily lids, this might only begin to fade. It is probably one of the eye liners that sets hardest and longest in my collection.This could also be filled on the lid as shadow and quickly smudged with the smudger or pencil brush.It could be used on the waterline too but I have not tried this color on waterline.This pencil is surely waterpoof as claimed.
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The claims are true, but 12 hour could be little far fetched.One thing I know is I do not need to worry about it on a normal outing day, which is 6 plus hours. I am high on smudging eye pencils into a soft look these days, instead of sharp line ..hence I like the smudger end too for quick smudging.The cost could be better given the small size, it is a very average sized pencil.The smudger end is pretty average but can be used when you dont have a pencil brush handy. This pencil sets soon so it is not forgiving, plus it is deep in one go, so you cannot go over and over.The creaminess will make the tip blunt in no time, but I think this sharpens well for me with little wastage 😛 You will need an eye makeup remover with a hard rubbing hand to remove it heheh.. try one color surely from the range.They have some classic colors no doubt.
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