Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy Review

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I have reviewed two shades from Colorbar’s Kissproof Lipstick range – “Wild Peach” and “The Vintage.” After pinks, it is now time for a beautiful red that’s so apt our Indian skin tones. I am in love with this color and the texture of this lipstick called “Be Reddy.” I feel the price of this lipstick is totally justified.

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy packaging

Product Description:
Revolutionary unique No-Transfer Lip stain formula glides on flawlessly and delivers impressively long-lasting, velvety color that will not transfer and stay all day long.
The weightlessness of the formula will provide you with all-day comfort – wear lip makeup and a flawless look.
INR 995

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy label

My Experience with Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy:

The color is gorgeous, it is a pinky maroon-based red, and so bold in one go. I love how it sets and becomes so matte when on the lips. I love how it looks and brightens my skin tone. I wear NC 37 Studiofix Fluid in MAC and this lipstick is just the perfect red for me. I can see some maroon pink tones to it and so I think deeper skin tones will love it. On very pale skin, this might be too bright and can be worn as a stain.

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy full

“Be Reddy” reminds me of the long-wear lipsticks from Colorbar since they have a similar tube packaging. They have a tiny amount of lipstick, but trust me, it is a potent one. The lipstick goes on like butter, so smooth and watery and once you give it 15 seconds, it settles into a transfer proof matte. Yes, this turns into a 95% smudge-proof, kiss-proof and shower-proof lipstick once you wait for it to settle.

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy shape of the bullet

The lipstick is so pigmented – one coat is enough, just wait for it to set. If you think it is filling between lip lines, then use another coat while smiling, so it fills the lip lines well. I think it is very matte, but for me, it is comfortable since I love mattes. If you have very dry lips, this might seem to bother you slightly. Once set, this just does not smudge, it is kiss proof and shower proof. You might need an oil-based remover for this. It will last you 6 plus hours easily.

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy swatch on hand

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy lip swatch

The lipstick bullet comes off at the base, the fixture inside is not strong, so there are high chances that it can drop if you twist it up fully. Also, sometimes it does not retract back completely. It is not a big issue but once you are spending this much on a lipstick, technical faults is the last thing expected.

Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy on lips

Pros of Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy:

  • Feels smooth like butter when you apply it on your lips.
  • Sets to smudgeproof finish in 15 seconds only.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Even one coat of lipstick would last you for 7 hours.
  • It is is kiss proof!
  • Sleek body and bullet, stylish packaging.
  • Nice packaging overall.
  • Gorgeous maroon, pink-based red.
  • Perfect for warm skin tones.
  • Dream for a matte lipstick lover.

Cons of Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy:

  • Expensive.
  • The bullet could fall off as the base inside might come off.
  • Slightly drying if you have dry lips.
  • Could be too bright for some or for very pale skin tones

Would I Recommend Colorbar Kissproof Lipstick Be Reddy?
Yes for sure; currently, this is my favorite lipstick to wear. I love the matte formula and how buttery it feels while application. Pigmentation and lasting power is phenomenal.
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