Colorbar Lip Liner Miami Pink Review

Colorbar Lip Liner Miami Pink

Give your lips a fuller, healthier look with our Waterproof Lip Liner. Waterproof and long-lasting, it keeps the lipstick in place without smudging it. Smooth and soft to apply in a single stroke, this retractable Waterproof Lip Liner enhances the lips while keeping them nourished and moisturised with Vitamin E and C.

Price :

INR 325

colorbar lip liner miami pink

I picked up this lip liner a month ago from this shop here called style one, they have a pretty decent colorbar counter here and a very persuasive SA, well I was interested to see some new lip liners and hence picked up a few, and I have been a fan of the true red lip liner they have, but now I think colorbar has been really playing up with the quality.

Colorbar Lip Pencil Miami PInk (2)

The liner comes nicely packaged and the ends are the same color as the pencil, hence easy to pick it out of your stash or pencil stand, for 325 I know many of us would like to get a lipstick but I thought colorbar has some good liners to get for this price. But I dont think Im much impressed.

Colorbar Lip Pencil Miami PInk (3)

Since it is a twist up one I really wished it were super creamy but this one was pretty average, soft enough but not so creamy and due to the hardness the tip broke off, so you have to be careful with how much to twist up, if it were creamy I wouldnt have had to exert pressure on it.

Colorbar Lip Pencil Miami PInk (4)

The color is a soft maroon and I dont know why its called pink, well the tips do look like it wil be a nice pink but it is a maroon, on the lips it is truly a maroon but you can use some lighter pink lippy to merge it.

Colorbar Lip Pencil Miami PInk (8)

It glides pretty okay, nothing impressive, as in I wish it were creamier, if you fill your lips with this, it will be patchy and dry and not very recommend to use it that way, but for the edges,i think it controls lipstick bleeding since it kind of sets, so it makes for a dry outline helping the lipstick to not bleed and shape your lips too.

Colorbar Lip Pencil Miami PInk (9)

I think the quantity you get is pretty less too and if it breaks, then it wont really last you much, it does an above average job of lining, and not dragging much and helping the lippy to not bleed.It did not survive maggi when applied to the entire lips but the edges or the outline remained, hence it is a good liner to prevent lipstick bleed:P

Colorbar Lip Pencil Miami PInk swatch

IMBB Rating:

3/5 and nothing more, colorbar had better liner earlier honestly.

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11 thoughts on “Colorbar Lip Liner Miami Pink Review

  1. i just missed ur mind blowing swatches neha.. *waaa* *shy*
    the tip breaks so easily, this happened wid my revlon colorstay liner also.. *headbang*
    If ever i wud consider colorbar for me it wud b just because of ur gorgeou pouts n swatches.. *clap* *announce* *puchhi*

  2. I thought it would have been great *headbang* *headbang* coz the name is soo attractive *happy dance* miami pink and the shade is beautiful *hifive* but breakage like this and the liner will get over in a month *hihi* *hihi*

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