Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor – Sinful Orange, Sensuous Red

Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor – Sinful Orange, Sensuous Red

Take me as I am lip color is a unique multifunctional product which provides the application of a lipstick combined with the convenience of a pencil in a jumbo crayon design. It is an extra creamy and soft feeling lipstick formula with excellent color pay-off and coverage. Viscous oils and esters create the beautiful shine. Skin conditioning ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E further enhance the comfortable wearing properties. Be worry-free, take this gorgeous pencil and create the prettiest lip – creamy, ready for shine and flirty fun.


INR 699

Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor Sinful Orange sensuous red

WE have all been floored by this post by Rati here, and part of the same thing, I am reviewing the lippies from the same range, I dont own a single product that comes anywhere close to these chubby lip colors, I have tried lip stains but I dont like them much, but these are a totally different story.

Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor Sinful Orange, sensous red (6)

The 8 shades available are all equally good, you feel like possessing all of them and there are two or three nudes, a pink, red, orange, berry, there is something for everyone.Okay but the two I am reviewing today are very bold and hot colors and could be really tough pull off. The red is the boldest red you might have seen, it is blood red, thick and matte and awesome pigmentation, so it kind of needs some control so I suggest using a lip brush. It could really make you pout looker bold and beautiful 😛

Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor Sinful Orange, sensuous red (5)

The texture of the red one is thick and matte, it is not as light as the LIp smacking cherry one. The shade does not stain and it lasts for hours on end. it does not bleed but I really suggest using a brush with this one, the shade really brightens up the face, a good red to consider for new comers may be.

red lips

Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor Sinful Orange Sensous Red swatches

The orange one is a bright orange , yellow undertones in it make me look yellow, it is thick and matte but not as thick as the red one above, the shade has to be mixed and worn, I could really look pale and sick in this orange. Some of my friends love orange lips, they could consider this and it has awesome smooth texture and amazing pigmentation and lasts very long too.

orange lip color (4)

These like you know come with a sharpener and are wooden, these can be sharpened but let me tell you, your heart will melt with so much product being wasted, so wait till it goes completely blunt before you sharpen them. I did not have the patience and wasted a lot of the product :/

Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor Sinful Orange, sensous red (2)

Both the shades are thick and matte, amazingly pigmented and stay on and on, they dont stain much but they have a mild chemically smell to them, not strong and it faints too. The colors are very bold to pull off, I will be mixing and matching them and using a brush for application.

Last word:

Awesome fat lipsticks they are, some are creamy, thick and a few are a little lighter.The lippies have some charm to them no doubt, and one of the few available around with similar features.Both the colors are my favorite when used right, you could consider other shades if you like the concept of a chubby lip pencil. I like my classic twist-up lippies more than these for sure. For 699 though, there is so much more to consider.

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23 thoughts on “Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipcolor – Sinful Orange, Sensuous Red

  1. both shades look awesome on ur lips.. bt i wud be scared to wear these shades as everyone will look at me only….khikhikhi :p

  2. Total OMG colors Neha – and you are pulling them off flawlessly like only you could have done! But I wont go anywhere near those shades!

  3. I can’t pull off either of the two..but you rocked it.. 🙂 the orange one looks so inviting but it would wash me out.. 🙁

  4. floored by both the colors! 😀 but wooden pencils is a turn off 🙁 if i were u, i would have scraped off the lippy from the wooden shavings and stored in a dibbi bfr thwing away the shavings 😉 could have used that with a lip brush later on 😉 khikhikhi

  5. i loved red from this range more than the orange. I felt orange was way too orange to pull off.. lovely lip swatches neha. perfect as always. 🙂

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