Colorbar Lipstick 022 Champagne

Colorbar Lipstick – 022 Champagne

Hi beauties :pompom:

Today, I am going to review one of the lipsticks which I got an year back. I have a major problem with buying lipsticks, when I check the shade at the counter, it seems just so perfect and when I come home and apply the same, the colour seems to have changed so much and this has happened to me not once or twice, but most of the time. I am disheartened to the extent that I have not bought any new lipstick since the last 8 months, yes, you all read it right, last 8 months 😥

Okay, coming back to the lipstick, which I am going to review today, please read on further to know about the same.

Product Being Reviewed:

Colorbar Lipstick 022 Champagne.

Colorbar Lipstick 022

Price/ Packaging/ Quantity:

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I don’t remember the price exactly; I guess it was around 200 rupees. It comes in a rectangle kind of lipstick case. The actual colour is encapsulated in the end, which makes the shade easier to recognize. The cap is sturdy square plastic, which clicks shut when closed, quite a sturdy packaging and the cap won’t open on its own. I am not a big fan of the packaging as I like my lipsticks to be sleek and more feminine, this one isn’t. The quantity for the same is 4.2 gm.


Nowhere written on the website. In fact, I could not find any information on this website, I guess these have been discontinued.

colorbar brown lipstick

My Take on Colorbar Lipstick 022 Champagne:

It is a brown-coloured lipstick with blackish undertones. I have always been a huge fan of coffee shades, but this one is on the darker side of brown. The lipstick does not have any shine or gloss or shimmer. Also, these are not too moisturising, its better to apply lip balm underneath. One application is enough to give your lips true colour as these lipsticks are pigmented nicely. It stays on my lips for 2-3 hours after which it starts to fade. One good thing is that it fades evenly leaving behind a tinge of muddy brown colour. Another thing which I like about this is that the lipstick is devoid of any fragrance. I don’t like lipsticks to smell heavenly, for that, I have enough number of perfumes:P.

Coming to its texture, it is neither soft nor rough, though it glides on the lips smoothly. It does not settle in the fine lines nor does it bleed. It is a daily wear lipistick with nothing extraordinary about it.

colobar brown lipstick swatch

Pros of Colorbar Lipstick 022 Champagne:

1. It neither bleeds nor settles in the fine lines.
2. It does not have any fragrance.
3. Nicely pigmented.
4. Glides smoothly on the lips.

Cons of Colorbar Lipstick 022 Champagne:

1. Staying power is not good.
2. Does not provide moisturisation to the lips, a lip balm has to be used underneath.

IMBB Rating:

3 out of 5.

Will I Buy Again?

No, I will not. Neither have I liked the shade nor is the quality too impressive. I think my loyalty remains towards soft touch lipsticks from Colorbar.

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14 thoughts on “Colorbar Lipstick 022 Champagne

  1. In the first pic your nail polish and lipstick both seem like same colors 😀
    Its quite a pretty shade and nicely for fair skinned gals i think ?:)

    1. haha…yes Pari, both are quite similar, even the nail paint is from Colorbar :)) i like chocolaty brown shades Pari, dint like this one :nababana: but ya it has good pigmentation….a bit too dark even for fair skinned gals ( personal opinion) :specs:

  2. Seriously- I was actually looking at ur nail paint and baad mein lippi pe dhyaan gaya
    this is a very different shade no. Ive never used anything like that- yeh laana padega.. hehehe

    1. bee main to lene kuch aur jaati hun n leke kuch aur ajati hun 😥 n nail paint bhi colorbar ka hai :toothygrin: u try this shade at the counter, if u like it go for it

  3. nice review shivani,i have seen this colour in lakme range,i was having this colour,but dont remember the exact didnt suit me,same dark colour one,so i gifted to my sis as she is goes well on her.

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