Colorbar Long-lasting Eye Shadow Pots – Color On Move

Colorbar Long-lasting Eye Shadow Pots – Color On Move

This extraordinary 18 eye shadow pot palette will enable you to create thousands of looks for all skin tones, desires, and occasions.
With Multi-Benefits like being Smudge proof and water-proof , this easily blend-able, crease and fade resistant shimmery effect eye-shadow will stay your friend for long hours.


1500 Rs.

On the move
I was keen on buying this palette forever. They have two in this range each costing 1500.The colors are really vibrant and they will not appeal to many due to the limited wear-ability. The colors are coordinated like the trio shadows they have. Three browns, blues, purple..all in three’s and they are all high shine and metallic. They have shimmer and hence many would miss mattes and browns very badly. For me this is a perfect party wear palette as the colors are too pretty and honestly the texture pigmentation and feel to these shades is have to swatch it to know.



You remember those trio shadow palettes from Colorbar? These are pretty similar to those in terms of finish, texture, pigmentation. The colors are slightly different but all they have is blues, purples, pink and coppers like those trio shadows. Now these are metallic high shine shadows and there is not chalkiness or powdery feel at all! These are almost as smooth as a cream and it really amazed me how they stick on the lid instead of being diluted into shimmer or falling here and there. They adhere to the eye lid almost like a stain when patted with a finger. I love the pigmentation, you need to little.You would enjoy the texture, it is creamy smooth to touch and there is not irritating shimmer, yes with a brush it is unavoidable to have some shimmer fall out but it is nothing major.

The shadows are small and are tightly packed. They are so pigmented that you would not feel the need of having a larger quantity, these are just enough. The color is really solid and true to the color in the pan.The finish is metallic shimmer and I think these work best when patted on slightly, use very little.These are very vibrant and it can be fun to match it with outfits for parties.
The downside of this palette is that these are too bright. Then again there are no mattes or browns to work in the crease.You do get a deep shimmer black but again, Colorbar needs to work on some neutral palettes or colors.It is impossible not to miss some neutrals and mattes in each palette or may be a highlight and crease color.
The packaging is mirror finish and it catches fingerprints like there is no tomorrow. I am guessing these will break at the first fall so do use the bubble wrap it comes with at all times if you can. It comes nicely packaged, quite attractive, I do feel the quality is at par with the cost. True colors, no fall out and very soft texture.The mirror is kind size and the applicators are nicely made too.



The colors can be worn loud or else you can take pencil brush and use a turquoise pop under the lash line to smoke it out. You could work on the lid only with a purple. Or you could go full copper. The colors are beautiful. But again if you have trio shadows already you might not need this palette. It is quite similar.
Coming to the lasting power, I think they stain and adhere so well that they last for 4-5 hours without a primer, of course it will vary with colors too. The purples are long lasting.These are really fun colors and really pigmented and soft but you will dearly miss mattes and neutrals. I do recommend this palette at this price if you do not have similar colors or if you wear vibrant colors or have too many parties to go to.
eyemakeup almond eyes

IMBB rating: 4.5/5 I am happy with this purchase.

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15 thoughts on “Colorbar Long-lasting Eye Shadow Pots – Color On Move

  1. *drool* such pretty shades…i have been thinking of getting a palette and this one looks so pefrect..i wish there some mattes too 🙁
    But i can still think about it 😀

  2. I have their other pallette and love it. And now, looking at your review, it’s clear I’ll have to buy this one too! Thanks. 🙂 (those pics are gorgeous btw!)

  3. it looks soo pretty neha but i am such a sucker for neutrals i dont think i’d be able to use it. i agree, the brights are too bright. 😀 pretty eotds as usual. the palette is such a great concept. good review 🙂

  4. Neha di, you always manage to come up with best LOTD and EOTD…
    Lovely clicks…and great pallette *happy dance*

  5. Drooling all over it 🙂 Lovely EOTD’s Neha…specially the golden one 🙂 I want to get a pallate with decent mix of neutrals and vibrant colors… This sounds like a good option 🙂 *thankyou*

  6. if u see clearly, u will see this is manufactured in china. made in china .. n that retails at 1500 bucks in india… doesnt make sense.. china made stuff is usually very cheaper especially eyeshadow palletes… will steer clear from this…

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