Colorbar Mini Collection Nail Paint Set – French Kiss Review

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Hello girlies,
I love these mini collection sets from Colorbar not because the shades are unique but the packaging is so damn cute! I instantly fell in love with this when I saw this at the counter. I loved the fact that they kept such light romantic shades and also bright summery ones to cater to all the women according to their liking. So without wasting a lot of time, let’s hop onto the post.

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Price: Rs 700 for a pack of 4

Product Description:
As delicate as the winter sun, this graceful collection is here to steal your heart away. Drying into a pearly shine, the colors feel as soft as silk and add beauty to your hands. With our unique “Silk Rose” formulation, the gentle pastel shades in this kit are a pleasure to wear. Try them out for that special dainty look!
Discover the French Silk Experience:
• Silk-touch effect
• Softest pastel colors
• Pearliest luster
• 3-Free formula
• Chip resistant
• Non yellowing

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My Experience with Colorbar Mini Collection Nail Paint Set – French Kiss:

The French Kiss nail paint set caught my attention on the Colorbar counter because it looked damn cute among all the sets! The nail paints come in a small baby pink-coloured packaging with colourful sorbet macaroons all over it which raise the cuteness quotient of the box. It has 4 little tiny nail paints which make them really good to be carried for travels. I think at 700 bucks it is expensive because I would get some nice shades from Colorbar at that price too. But if you are confused what to gift to your mom/sis/friends, then this is a good option to try. If not this, they have other sets costing lesser than this too.

colorbar mini collection nail paint set french kiss3

The nail paints come in 4 different shades: mint, peach, baby pink and lilac. I wouldn’t be elaborating on these shades differently because there is no vast different between the shades except for that little hint of colour added to pearly base. I wish the colours looked more different because they almost look alike. But people who love such soft romantic shades will love this and will find variety in it. The shades are super soft, subtle, sweet and romantic and that is understood from the name “French kiss”.

colorbar mini collection nail paint set french kiss7

This is a perfect pick for those women who like to keep their nails painted but not in a showy shade. The colours have a pearly base which look rich and add a lot of glossiness to the nails. It does have that silky texture and 2-3 coats are required to build up and reach the perfect colour. If I swipe the nail paint only once, then all the shades look the same. They look very pretty and romantic on my nails and are perfect for a brunch date. I like the fact that the nail paint dries up in just 5 minutes even after applying 2-3 thick coats. It stays for around 5 days on my nails without chipping but I don’t do household chores so the results might change. But it will stay fresh for 4 days for sure. Overall, these are nice ones but it does happen with a set that I might like some, I might not like some. So better buy the ones you like rather than some just lying unused.

colorbar mini collection nail paint set french kiss-nails

Pros of Colorbar Mini Collection Nail Paint Set – French Kiss:

• The packaging is damn cute and colourful with a baby pink box filled with 4 nail paints and macaroons all over the box.
• A very nice option for gifting to girlfriends/mom/sisters
• The nail paints are little in size so very handy
• The shades are absolutely cute, elegant and romantic
• The shades are more on a lighter side to give them a romantic touch
• The pearly finish is really good and shines till the nail paint stays
• It is a great option for those who want to have their nail painted all the time but in sweet and subtle shades.
• The colour perfectly shows up in 2-3 swipes.
• It does have that silk touch effect that they claim and the coats dry supersoon.
• It stays on my nails for 5 entire days without chipping.

Cons of Colorbar Mini Collection Nail Paint Set – French Kiss:

• The pearly finish makes all the shades look a little alike.
• Expensive.
• There is always this con with sets that we might not like all the shades given in a set.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Mini Collection Nail Paint Set – French Kiss?
No, I wouldn’t recommend this if you are planning to get it for yourself! Because I would rather prefer to get loose ones instead of this. But if you have to gift something to your girlfriends, then this is surely a perfect gift. Also you can look out for the other sets that are available for a lesser price at the Colorbar counter.

As of now I have a lot of nail paints to use, but I won’t mind picking the loose ones from Colorbar because the quality is awesome.

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    1. Hahahaha I felt the same while writing about this 🙂 Me too loved the shades but I am more into the bolder ones 😛

  1. I have this set and I loved it. In fact, I was more attracted to the Coffee set but decided to pick this for a change since I mostly pick brown nail paints. Lovely review Saloni!!!

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