Colorbar Nail Lacquer Black Currant Review

Hello friends,
Today I am going to review ‘ColorBar Nail Lacquer in Black Currant’.
colorbar nail lacquer black currant
Price– Rs 100 (9ml)
Shelf life– 2 years

Company says-
The Nail Polish is a simple one stroke application and fortifies the nails while giving them a high shine and intense color. It is fast drying and chip resistant. It does not yellow the nails and is long lasting. Available in 52 shades in a 9ml size; just what you need to make your hands look salon perfect!

I bought this without any advance planning (I usually buy things after doing much research). I bought an I-Define pencil from Colorbar but after using it I was not happy with it as my eyes started watering after applying it. Lashes fell. So, immediately I exchanged it and got this nail paint and juicy candy lip gloss in strawberry twist. I chose this half heartedly as I was already in bad mood due to that pencil. I picked a dark pink shade as I didn’t have any. My trust from Colorbar was shaken so I didn’t want to spend much on their high end nail paints. I chose this hurriedly, paid the balance and left the shop.

My experience with their nail paints was not very pleasing. They dry quickly so you should do your coating as fast as you can otherwise they will be settled and you will just mess up the coating. The color shown on the bottle remains the same after the application unlike some other nail paints. And I must say that Colorbar has the largest, funkiest and pretty nail colors range. Choosing one was very difficult and higher the amount you are ready to throw, prettier the shade you will get.

This one is a dark pink. I found it the prettiest in the lot (ofcourse from the 99 wala lot 😀 ) and immediately took it. I think dark shades make your nails look longer although they gives an illusion of a darker skin.
colorbar nail lacquer coat
Please don’t mind the untidiness of my application. I confess I am very very poor in applying nail paints. For me it’s like climbing Mt. Everest and whenever I apply a perfect application I get on cloud nine.

Pros of ColorBar Nail Lacquer

1. Dries quickly
2. Avoids chipping of nails
3. Color stays for a good time. I applied it on toes nails some 15 days back and it’s still there
4. 52 shades from this range and many shades from other range to choose from
5. Two coats and you get full color
6. Flat brush ensures easy application
7. A good quantity. I think I will take ages to finish this although the shelf life is of two years.
8. Attractive bottle.

Cons of ColorBar Nail Lacquer

1. Expensive at least for me because I don’t want feel like spending much especially on nail paints. I think a price between Rs 70-80 would have been better suited it.
2. The quality is not that good and you don’t get salon like application.
3. The color pay off is not that good. Two coats are must.
4. Second coat takes time to dry.
5. The shop (Colorbar, select citywalk, New Delhi) from where I got these didn’t had the complete range and they were ignorant and unfamiliar about it when I told them. I think they took me casually or thought I am a fool. :pan:
6. Not easily available country wide

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Final verdict

I would rather switch to lotus herbals or Revlon but not colorbar again (until and unless I saw a tempting and must have shade). The SAs are ignorant and gives a cold response. But yeah, this is not going to reduce my love for I-Glide pencils. I’ll keep on buying it again and again. :pompom:

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31 thoughts on “Colorbar Nail Lacquer Black Currant Review

  1. Loved the shade pretty pretty. But me too prefer Lotus Herbal ones. They are safe and have pretty summery shades now. Nice review Rupam.
    :pompom: :pompom:

  2. Oh my!! i so love colorbar nail paints all their range starting form the 99 one to the 200 quick drying ones.. I think they have excellent shade selection that no other brand offers. Never pick up revlon coz they chip so much on my nails. :((

    It’s a lovely shade. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the revew. 🙂

  3. I have this very pretty pink shade from Colorbar which is quite good in quality. Apart from that I absolutely love Lotus nail paints! You have nice long nails 🙂

  4. Whoa.. You have such long and healthy nails Rupam!!!! :love: :love: :love: :love:

    My nails toh can’t even dream that length!!!! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

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