Colorbar Nail Lacquer Exclusive 40 Review + Dupe

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Exclusive 40 Review + Dupe

My love for Colorbar is at its peak now since my reunion after almost two years. I have already got a lot of things from Colorbar and will be reviewing my favourite of all Colorbar creamy matte lipsticks. Today I just painted my nails a decent pink (no nail art and green and blue nail paint business this weekend) since my in-laws will be coming over for the weekend :angel: so I did not want to leave my nails a yellowish bare that they always are but just some pretty shiny glossy crème kind of color which would look good too for dining out at all fancy places over the weekend and still understated. Obviously I had to use my new nail paints and so I have painted them with this pretty baby pink. Colorbar nail lacquers are some 150 rupees :silly: I forgot after paying the total bill amt in a hurry :toothygrin: avon ones the pink kisses is a pretty close dupe of the other one but varying in quality too and the brochure price for that is 55 rupees.

Colorbar pink nail paint

Colorbar nail lacquer in exclusive 40 :

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Exclusive 40

I have a couple of pretty baby pinks but I am particularly fond of the creamy ones with a gloss finish. But with baby pinks pigmentation is always an issue. Colorbar one is too light to go for a single coat as such I paint my nails three coats always for several reasons. The Colorbar one shows up all yellow underneath from my yellow nails :yuck: but two coats was fine with me this time . still I went ahead and painted them three coats and that’s what u see in the picture. Its such a creamy baby pink color and will go very well with French manicures, or nude nails or office wear. The finish is glossy and I love it. The color is not very pigmented thought the lacquer is not at all runny. I tend to load a hell lot of a color in that brush I donno how and then I end up with blobs of color sometimes :toothygrin: it takes a good 5 minutes to be completely dry as would any creamy nail paint and the finish is a little streaky too 🙁 because the color is not opaque .over all I love the color,finish and staying power too. I love Colorbar :shy:

If someone from Colorbar is listening, I love Colorbar for the fact that they are always reformulating reinventing their packaging, colors ,bringing in trend shades into their collection and the pricing too is changed quite often :struggle: the brand always strives to get to the international using their products for 6 years or more now so I can say that. 🙂
3.5 on 5

Colorbar Nail laquer vs avon

Avon simply pretty color me pretty nail enamel in pink kisses:I got this recently on offer of 109 fr three and I cant get enough of pinks for nails .a s always the brochure color is different but im happy with the real color.Now look at the stupid bristles form the tiny brush :yuck: avon brushes always vary in my case not just for this but for the pro wear too.

nail paint brushes

The color is a little whiter than the Colorbar one but is thicker than the above too. very creamy but not glossy like Colorbar. takes a long time to dry because of its thick creamy texture, good for the price and smaller bottle means will finish faster for me to get some more :toothygrin:

Avon pink nail paint

3 on 5

Which is your favourite baby pink nail paint?

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37 thoughts on “Colorbar Nail Lacquer Exclusive 40 Review + Dupe

  1. …Hm…Great review,great color…It’s a pity that I don’t like pink. 😐
    And the colorbar one is too sheer for me. :nono: I get frustrated and end p smudging/removing/trashing my sheer polishes. :headbang:

  2. ah i do pray colorbar listens to ur numerous calls! they better!!! 🙂

    btw the colorbar pink is sooo sheer for 3 coats!! 😐
    its a pain to paint so many coats to get the color! (think Avon does great in that aspect!)

  3. wow.. another post with dupe colors.. amazing Neha.. :waytogo: :waytogo: i would like to request you to please write a post of ur nailpaints :manicure: :manicure: and lippie hauls. :makeup: :makeup: . me just curious to see them all in one go… all of themmm.. and dont forget to mention ur address .. so that i can churau the items from ur haul that i like the mostt…. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

      1. I have all the heart Neha dont worry.. :preen: :preen: :preen: .. i will show that post ti my hubby.. ki see.. uske pass kinne saare hain :drool: :drool: :drool: aur mere pass.. :huh: :huh: .. chalo ab mujhe bi thodi shopping kara do.. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

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