Colorbar Nail Lacquer Valentino and Dupes

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Valentino

colorbar nail lacquer valentino
It’s September and it’s raining and dark and stormy here at night and the thunder in Chennai can be :tremble: So I decided to go gothic and paint my nails a dark maroon/wine color to add to the drama of the rains. Only to see later that I have a couple of more similar colors of the maroon family one from Colorbar and another from avon simply pretty our very own affordable range of cosmetics :victory2:

colorbar valentino
I went ahead and added a twist to the regular nails with an image from konad image plate just on one nail to brighten up the day. The colors that im talking about today are dark gothic and always without fail brighten up the hands and feet and make hands look fairer for sure. It’s a classic color, just that its glossy and not matte and two coats look super. Being Colorbar the quality is superb and high glossy finish three coats last me a week easily without chipping and the paint is thick and not at all runny in consistency . Usually it goes opaque in one coat and not at all streaky.colorbar has some quality guarantee for sure because its hard to believe this paint is a year old and the consistency is as good as new!

Nails of the day with Colorbar valentino: when I got this I think it was 75 or less and now Colorbar “lacquer” is 🙄 a whopping 300! Nevertheless I am sure there is some modification but this one costing 75 is good enough too for us. The color is a dark maroon almost mix of black and maroon and it looks so good on square nails. It instantly brightens up the hands and even feet which may usually look dull with wear and tear. It’s a classic color and a must have. One of these always comes handy on days when the hands look dull :(( I love this color and no getting bored of this one!
Twist of konad: I just stamped on a flower image from a konad plate on the index finger so that it may not get too drab!

A Couple of Dupes

wine shine valentino maroon magic
Readers call me dupe queen (and what other queens and not) I found out a close dupe of Colorbar itself in my cupboard when I organised stuff last weekend. I saw that the shade wine shine is also quite close to this valentino one just that the wine shine is more gothic and more mixed with black in appearance. Valentino is more of a red and maroon mix more of a rose color and a little brighter nevertheless very close to wine shine. I love this one too both are equally glossy in finish and go opaque in one coat not at all streaky Colorbar nail colors will always be one of my favs.
swatches without flash

Avon Simply Pretty in Maroon Magic

This range has so much to offer and so affordable I have to have most of the colors . priced at rupees 55 without discount, these cant get any better. The tiny 5 ml is easy to finish off and the quality of the paint is not compromised. The only thing that can put me off is the brush! This maroon though not similar to the wine shine one is still a pretty maroon not so dark or gothic more of a rose color and is flat with no shimmer of gloss. It goes on opaque in one finish and stays for four days or so . pretty color to have in the collection :haanji:
swatches with flash
Last word:
Wine shine, valentino and maroon magic in the order of darkest to lighter, this maroon is a must have. take ur pick!

Rating: Colorbar and avon 4 on 5

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18 thoughts on “Colorbar Nail Lacquer Valentino and Dupes

  1. woow neha such a pretty shade.. i do feel a bit conscious wearing dark shades in hand :chewnails ..but these maroons are soo tempting 😀 ..specially wine shine n valentino… n nail art on one finger looks so chic :thumbsup: … oh n u have such a gorgeous hand :manicure: :manicure: :manicure:

  2. Nice maroon shades, Neha. Am going to look for some maroon nail polishes in my stash and apply it on my nails soon – has been soooooo long since I applied maroon. :)) :))

  3. neha your nails.. so super awesome :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: i never buy marron nail paint bt this one looks so tempting.. i guess only coz your nails are so pretty. :stars: :stars: :stars:

    what is that cute little thing you holding? 😀

  4. wow neha.. ur hands are looking pretty with this nail paint.. :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: .. me too have a maroon from lakme and i didnt liked it much but i now i m thinking of giving it another try.. :specs: :specs: :specs: ..

  5. me also have motu motu fingers. will never be able to carry off colors like have such pretty nails..i am sure any color wud look good

  6. your hands looking so gora gora in this pic neha :toothygrin:

    tell me a few more nice shades from avon simply pretty range other than this maroon and mango mania? :manicure:

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