Colorbar Nail Treatment Hard As Nails vs Lakme Spa Line Protective Base Coat

Colorbar Nail Treatment Hard As Nails vs Lakme Spa Line Protective Base Coat:

Yes it’s me again, the die hard Colorbar fan. I am back again with another effective Colorabr product. But this time, I worked it with a Lakme product too and so I want to be true to both. Both these products, Colorbar Nail Treatment, Hard As Nails and Lakme Spa line No Yellow! Protective Base coat are marvellous. Both have worked for me. Lakme for a change has surprised me and as a result I have bought Lakme Spa line Go Gloss! Hard wear top coat and Spa line Go Soft! Honey Cuticle cleaner as well. I shall review those too soon.

Both the products are for people like me who have spoilt their nails over the years by the continuous wear and tear of nail polishes without giving their nails a breather. Two months back, my nails had stopped growing, what ever grew always broke off, not to mention, I had to wear nail lacquer always to hide the yellowness. In just two months, with the continuous care of buffing, hardening, protecting, my nails have strengthened. They have grown to a decent length (that’s the max I want) they don’t break off now that easily. I keep them oval in shape as square nails always break at the corners giving me heart burn. As a loyal customer, I will start with Colorbar.

Colorbar Hard As Nails is a nail treatment with triple action hardening system that instantly hardens and increases the resilience of nails. It stops nail breaking and splitting. It’s a complete solution for thin and weak nails. It also increases color wear and visual impact. (from the pack) All of these mentioned above, hold true for me. It is priced at Rs 195 for 9 ml. It comes in a square bottle with a translucent white liquid which dries on to get transparent like a plastic coat on the nails. It hides the yellowness and provides a barrier between the enamel and the color. It does not appear that one is wearing some thing on the nails. Some colors like red do stain my nails and this really helps to avoid that. You can pick it up from Central and pantaloons outlets in case you are wondering.

How to use:

  • Apply as a base coat under your regular nail lacquer to protect your nails or
  • Apply two coats on clean bare nails as natural make up.

I absolutely recommend this for people with brittle nails, which have gone yellow or have stopped growing. Continued use will protect your nails for sure. Wear it under your nail color without fail. The second one is: Lakme Spa line No Yellow! Protective base coat This again is a treatment for yellow nails and is supposed to be used as a base coat. It is a water based formula; it protects the nails form yellowing. It gives a naturally groomed look (from the pack) It is priced at Rs 175 for 7 ml (equivalent to colorbar). This is a slightly lavender tinted transparent liquid which goes on to dry as a plastic coat on the nails. The yellowishness is hidden and it does not seem like you are wearing anything over your nails. This product does not claim to do anything for the nail growth or brittleness, it only talks of reducing yellowness. It has reduced the yellow stains on my nails to a certain extent.

How to use:

  • Apply as base coat under your regular mail polish to protect your nails. Or
  • Apply two coats on clean bare nails as natural polish.


  • The price Colorbar Rs 195 fro 9 ml and Lakme Rs 175 for 7 ml
  • The color goes on as plastic coat
  • Surprisingly, they are manufactured at the same place called Fiabila India Ltd at Taloja. So I am presuming both may have some common ingredients. The packs don’t mention that.
  • Both dry out within 5 flat seconds. 🙂

Target at Colorbar if you are looking to strengthen nails as well as hide yellowness and to use it as a base coat.

Pick up Lakme if you want to target only the yellowness (and if you have some faith left in the brand) For me Colorbar has multiple uses and moreover, Lakme has a paint-like smell which is not very pleasant.

Colorbar looks whiter in the bottle and the consistency is thicker than Lakme. Lakme looks transparent. But, both turn out same on the nail.My nails are still yellow but they have improved for sure!

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32 thoughts on “Colorbar Nail Treatment Hard As Nails vs Lakme Spa Line Protective Base Coat

  1. Neha!!!!!!!!!!! I lovvve u for this review :-* :-* :-* :-*

    I hv extremely brittle nails….extremely extremely brittle… confess…i used to bite my nails until a few years back and even after I stopped bitting thm couple of years back they just dont grow….they are very very brittle….they just chip off or split in 2 layers when they grow slightly……and I sooooo want them to grow….I’ve even cribbed abt this to Rati some time back…and now I think I hv found something tht would work…..I am sooo going to get the colorbar one this saturday…….anything to get my nails in good shape

    Thank you soooo much :kissing:

    1. :kissed: :blush:
      go for it!
      if u wanna indulge buy both!
      i swear my nails are this length cause of these products
      other wise all my nails used to be of different lengths cause they use to break as soon as they grew!

      1. The colorbar one was out of stock at the beauty store near my place 🙁 😥

        Will try and check out at another store today if possible…I hope i find it

    1. slightly but not as much as I expected 🙁 I think my nails fear to grw now thinking I will eat thm as soon as they grow thats why they prefer breaking off 😥

        1. yes..definately picking up this one and hoping it will work…i have a list of things to buy this weekend so a trip to the beauty store is for sure..

          Neha : which ones of the colorbar lipstick would u recommend for a natural pink shade, fair skin tone

          You have any recos Rati?

          1. yup all the pinks from that day will suit you!
            dont buy the bricks then
            rock u baby, irish rose, sugar sugar
            if you are looking for pinks, try pink and me, candy(very nice pale pink), smoky rose, rose dew(thse last three are matte)sugar sugar is frosted
            should i write on 5 favorite pinks? :-/
            before you buy?
            will any one be interested?
            i can sawtch all pinks i have… ?:-)

            1. oh i forgot Nectar(like irish rose) and perpetually pink.
              my friend picked up a pink called cherish

              oh god i cant tell u one…..i like all these pinks
              but okay final pick….nectar and Irish rose and smoky rose in mattes
              all three are close…
              yet i bought them :drool:
              God save me!

                1. I couldnt find most of these at the colorbar counter 🙁

                  So so disappointed..

                  I tried arnd 6-7 of the pinks that were available but none of them suited me…..

                  finally bght one in Maybelline and just loving it…

                  Its exactly the kind of pink I was looking for….natural pink which can be worn on a daily basis

  2. I think Neha would be a better person to recommend since she knows the shades at the back of hand. 😛 My personal choice would be irish rose and sugar sugar. 🙂

  3. I chewed and cheewed my nails over the years.. these seem to be made for me… I am picking the colorbar one up for sure!!!

    Thanks for the review neha… You saved my nails…

    1. tankoo
      one of my colleagues picked colorbar up after i told her
      she used to show me the progress of her nail growth to me every single day….
      ppl around used to wonder…. :blush:

    1. i am pretending colorbar is working
      a ha ha
      lakme is a hit or miss!
      groomed them after they grew
      pehle to…they never grew man :pissedoff:
      after i started cooking etc

  4. Hey Neha.. A nice one.. I think I’ll need Lakme as my nails turn yellow at times.. esp my right hand ones.. wondered why.. anyways I think I got a soln. now 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  5. Very nice review Neha! 🙂 Your nails are pretty. I’m going to try the Colorbar base coat. Probably that can make some of those Lakme nail paints stick! 🙂

  6. Hi Neha, Im buying the colourbar base coat too, for my toenails.. Im also planning to buy Irish rose since u said it suits brown skin too 😀 any other colour reccos for wheatish brown? im so bad atchoosing lippies 😥

    1. hi Renuca
      i say go for BARE
      its a very pretty light mix of brown and pink

      if u are keen on pink then buy CANDY
      and MOCHA is brick

      all these 3 will suit you
      all light creamy colors
      i just checked these in my lipstick box right now for u…. just to confirm

      wear it on and dont let the SA bug you
      and tell me what you got

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