Colorbar Orange Blossom Matte Touch Lipstick Review

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Don’t get bored you makeup lovers! Here is the review of one more shade from the Matte Touch Range, by Colorbar, in the shade Orange Blossom, read on to know more…

Price – Rs 475/- for 4.2gm


My Experience with Colorbar Orange Blossom Matte Touch Lipstick:-

The outer silver paper carton contains all detailed information on the lipstick. There is a color coded sticker at one end of the box and at the bottom of the tube as well. Though it is color coded, the shade range cannot be determined from the shade of the sticker. Nevertheless, you have to remember the shade from the name; this particular shade name hints the family of color though. The bullet is angled like typical Colorbar lipsticks and the initial uses are very neat with the sharp edged bullet. The cap shuts with click; hence the lipstick is travel friendly.


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Now this is a matte texture lipstick in the true sense of the term. One swipe and you have matte pure orange on your lips. People with very dry lips need to moisturize before hand as this is not a moist matte. It is a true matte color from the very moment you apply it. It is not a forgiving shade when it comes to chapped lips. I would suggest a proper exfoliation as well if you want to flaunt the pure matte shade.


The shade is a beautiful orange shade which is rightly balanced. It is bright but not neon. Brightens up the face but does not stand out like on-the-face kind of shade. People who are still in two minds about wearing an orange, you can start with this one. Pretty and muted shade with the required amount of oomph. The pure matte texture adds to the beauty of the shade. Am loving this one!


The staying power varies from 5-6 hours without lip liner or any base. After fading there is a light stain on the lips as is expected from this range of Colorbar. I am not very fond of such stained lips, so that comes as a con to me. For those who prefer to have some color left on their lips, even after fading, this is a good range. With a lip liner I have worn this shade up to 7 hours with minimal fading.


Pros of Colorbar Orange Blossom Matte Touch Lipstick –

• Smooth.
• Creamy.
• Matte.
• Stays long.
• Affordable.
• Available.
• Comes with sun protection.
• Gorgeous shade.


Cons of Colorbar Orange Blossom Matte Touch Lipstick –

• Stains lips (might be pro for some).
• Packaging could be better in terms of color coded sticker.

IMBB Rating – 5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Orange Blossom Matte Touch Lipstick?

Repurchase – I will never be able to finish this up…but if I ever do, I will definitely pick up.
Recommend – Definitely! Start with this orange if you are still hesitating.

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