Colorbar Perfect Gloss – Ripe Apple Review, Swatches

Colorbar Perfect Gloss in 001 Ripe Apple, Swatches

Hello ladies
How are we all
Today am reviewing a colorbar gloss which used to be my hg a few months back.

colorbar ripe apple gloss

When I got it few months back it cost me rs 125.

Check out more about the colorbar products from their website HERE

What I like about colorbar perfect gloss:

colorbar ripe apple gloss

• This is a very widely, easily available gloss and goes on very smooth on your lips.
• You can see in the picture below how natural it looks on my lips as I have pigmented lips.
• When you are wearing this gloss I do not think you need anything under it. No lipstick or not even a balm. They are very moisturising and the colour I have is 001 ripe apple and one nuder colour which I will review very soon.
• About the colour it is a very medium pigmented berry pink colour.

colorbar ripe apple gloss swatch

colorbar ripe apple gloss

• Goes on very smooth on your lips.
• It has a very light smell to it. Nothing people with strong noses would not be able to take.
• The gloss is very easy to apply with the short wand and also stays on for a good 2 hours.

• It is good for everyday wear as the texture is just right. Does not feel like you are wearing a heavy sticky gloss. I get comfortable after 5 minutes of applying this gloss.
• I like pigmented glosses more than the sheer ones as they give a little bit of coverage without the need of an extra lipstick to go under.
• The colour which I have is a perfect understated pink for my kind of complexion. I loved wearing it every time I went out and did not fell heavy.
• It also fades pretty evenly.
• Widely available at all the colorbar counters.
• As far as my memory goes I had brought 2 tubes of this same colour as it was my HG that time.
• When am wearing this, my lips do not look ‘overdone’ with all the glossiness in it.

colorbar ripe apple gloss lip swatch

What I do not like about colorbar perfect gloss:

• Because it is such a beautiful colour and consistency I would have loved if it stayed on a little more than just 2 hours
• The fact that there is no mention of the ingredients on the either the gloss or box it came in.

I give it a :-* :-* :-* :-* + 0.8  and will definitely buy one more this gloss and try more colours.

Love all
Fly girl

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39 thoughts on “Colorbar Perfect Gloss – Ripe Apple Review, Swatches

  1. hey flygurl .. good review :waytogo: me tho colorbar’s nail paint addict yaa.. 😛 but will dffntly try der gloss aswell.. :))

      1. srsly neha..i tho luv goin to colorbar station in select city n feel like deera dalo wahi paar :woot: :woot: :woot: ..such gorgeous shades dey hay.. :inlove:

  2. Pretty shade…looks very flattering on Indian skin tones. Kinda odd name choice though, nothing “Apple” about it IMHO…! :))
    p.s. I can’t help but smile whenever I read your name, reminds me of dance group JLo was in 😛 …hence the name?

  3. anks i would love to put a pic but little scared.he he
    i wa sthinking about contesting in the saree contest
    am just your girl next door 😉 :thanks:

  4. devie no nothing to do the beuatfiul jlo(though i wish)
    it was just a random tiem i put this name and now i have special affinity to it coz of ppl here calling me wid that name and responding wid love to what am able to write and review :thanks:

  5. rati :puchhi:
    and monika none hg as such swthrt.have been finishng my burts bees first and then will look for something pink or berry like for summer.
    will keep updated :heart:

  6. very nice shade…….i need to try this brand…read so much abt it here….perils of living out of India…u miss a the fun….

  7. Rs 125, for a colorbar lipgloss is worth it dear !! I will definitely include this in my shopping list :toothygrin: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  8. ok so now this one is on my list too, i want juicy tubes wala colorbar gloss and this one. and a lot more lippies but i am controlling myself.. or atleast trying

  9. ha ha yes yes control!i have revewd lancome juicy tubes as well.they are great you can check 😉 :thanks:

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