Colorbar Pink Dream Matte Touch Lipstick Review

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Hello Everyone,

Okay, so here is the last one for the day, from the same range of Colorbar Matte Touch in the shade Pink Dream. Just as the name suggests it is a pink with a twist, read on to know more on the particular shade.

Price – Rs 475/- for 4.2gm


My Experience with Colorbar Pink Dream Matte Touch Lipstick:-

As always, I will begin with the packaging. The outer silver paper carton contains all detailed information on the lipstick. There is a color coded sticker at one end of the box and at the bottom of the tube as well. Though it is color coded, the shade range cannot be determined from the shade of the sticker. Nevertheless, you have to remember the shade from the name. The bullet is angled like typical Colorbar lipsticks and the initial uses are very neat with the sharp edged bullet. The cap shuts with click; hence the lipstick is travel friendly.

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The texture of the shade is smooth but not like the Rich Red one. Although it is categorized as matte, the shade comes off as a light frosty one and does not appear matte at all. Unlike others from the same range, it does not settle as a matte color. There is again a heavy uncomfortable wear for the lips, like Highly Amuse. I cannot even begin to say how much I dislike that heavy feel on the lips. Very disappointed with this one as well! No point in naming a frosty shade as a matte lipstick.


The shade is a frosty pink, which does not suit my NC 42 skin tone at all. It does not cover my pigmented lips even after multiple swipes. I have to apply a lip liner beneath to make the shade opaque. Honestly this is not working out for me. If you like such frosty metallic shades, have a look, but, otherwise this is not something I would recommend.


The staying power is also poor as this shade never settles on the lips. It sits on the lips like a mask or scrub; so, it transfers heavily to cups and spoons. The staying power is 2 hours maximum with food and drink, when worn without a liner. With a lip liner beneath, the staying power increase to maximum of 3 hours. Thankfully the frosty shimmers do not travel all over the face when the shade starts fading.


Pros of Colorbar Pink Dream Matte Touch Lipstick –

• Affordable.
• Available.
• Comes with sun protection.


Cons of Colorbar Pink Dream Matte Touch Lipstick –

• Frosty shade (personal preference though).
• Low staying power.
• Claims to be matte, but not a real matte shade.
• Packaging could be better in terms of color coded sticker.

IMBB Rating – 2.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Pink Dream Matte Touch Lipstick?
Repurchase – Nope!
Recommend – nope, unless you like frosty metallic shades.

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  1. totally didnt think it would turn out to be a frosty lipstick when i saw it in the bullet. I am not a frosty lipstick lover myself. 🙂 Loved your lip swatch rash and pics are stunning. 🙂

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