Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack Review

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I love well-maintained feet and nails. I love to keep the toenails long and maintain their shapes. I used to get pedicures done at the parlors, earlier this year. But then, I bought my own stuff and now I enjoy my sessions at home. I saw this pack at the Colorbar store earlier this month and brought it straight away to groom my nails. Read on to know if I am satisfied.

Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack Review

Price: 350 INR
Product Description:
Put your best foot forward with these pedi perfecting tools dipped in adorable colors. Includes a toe-nail clipper, a nail shaper and a pair of toe separators so that your search for a true solemate ends here.

My Experience with Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack:

Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack Review Packet

The products come in a beautiful ziplock bag with transparent front and a black back view. Considering the price, it is pretty classy and beautiful. The details of the product, usage instructions, and other necessary information about it are given at the back of the pouch. It contains one nail clipper, one nail shaper and a pair of toe separator.

Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack Review Back

The nail clipper is pretty big and is ideal for toenails. It clips the nails perfectly and does not ruin the shape. If you want to clean the inner corners of the nails without cutting them, you can do that too.

Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack ReviewNail Clipper

The rectangular nail shaper has alternate bands of red, pink and orange with Colorbar written on it. Both sides can be used for nail shaping. The surface is rough on both the sides. I have pretty hard nails and it shapes them very well. The only problem is that when you use it, white lines and spots appear on the surface. So probably it will wear away after multiple usages.

Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack Review Nail Shaper

The toe separator is again great for neat nail polish application. If your toes are placed closely, often the nail polish transfers from one toe to other and it gets messy. The separators help to separate the nails and you can apply the nail polish without any hassle.

Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack Review Toe Seaparator

Overall, this is an affordable, user-friendly product. If you want to get your pedicure done at home, this is the best toolkit for you. However, they launch a bigger version with nail buffer and cuticle pusher.

Pros of Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack:

• Nice, travel-friendly packaging
• Super affordable
• Good quality products
• Nail cutter ideal for cutting bigger toenails
• Shaper shapes hard nails perfectly
• Separator helps in neat nail polish application
• The colors are super vibrant and beautiful

Cons of Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack:

• Wish they had added buffers and cuticle pushers in the kit

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack?
I don’t think I will need the separator and nail cutter. I may buy the shaper if this one gets ruined. You must grab this to show some love to your toes.

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