Colorbar Pro Colored Brush Kit Review

Colorbar Pro Colored Brush Kit

This classy range of professional brush kit is very much inspired by the colors of the season. It gives the freedom to enjoy make up with perfection
This anywhere ,anytime pro colored brush set has mixed synthetic and nylon bristles that gives an ease to carry and perfection at same time
6 pieces of professional colored brush set comes along with a smart and attractive
black leather pouch
Set Contains 6 Brushes, as given below:
One Foundation Brush
One Powder Brush
One Blush Brush
One Eyeshadow Brush
One Lip Filler Brush
One Smudger Brush

L-R:Blush, Powder,Foundation, Pencil, Blending, Lipstick

Like you know I got this as part of my haul for IMBB. The kit was really attractive and I was eyeing it like forever.Somehow every time I saw it at the store,it looked so tiny and I believed the bristles are rough.Now I was wrong as the brush turned out much softer than the pro brushes.Also I am in love with the kit as it fulfills main requirements of my makeup on the go and otherwise too.I just need to throw in some eye liner brush, a spoolie for the brows and more or less, this kit fulfills my needs.

Price Rs. 2,500



They have multiple designs in kits pouched as far as I remember. Mine is a pink and black one and it made with cloth, not synthetic. The brushes comes packed in a plastic and then encased them in this pouch.I think it is quite spacious and it is great to keep my brushes secure and to travel with, or dump it in the hand bag without having to worry about the bristles or brush guard.


Foundation brush:

This one is a super cute purple synthetic bristles, they are very tightly packed and very taut while application.The brush does eat up a lot of foundation but I like the way it works.The brush works smoothly when the foundation is applied to and fro on the face,I did not notice streaking.The brush washed well, no shedding or bleeding unlike the other brushes.It is a good foundation brush and the size makes it very cute.

Powder brush

This is my favotire.It is red and it has some soft cottony hair. I don’t know how to describe but they are not synthetic or animal.The brush is fluffy and it has a round top which makes powder application fun.I love it.The bristles are very soft though they shed a lot and the color bleeds a lot.I washed it over three times and wiped it clean on remover but every time this brush has shed hair and also color can be seen on the tissue I dried it on. This was little disheartening.But overall the bristles only look rough but the brush is very very soft.
Blush brush

The blush brush is purple and slimmer than the red powder brush.The bristles are the same and soft but again this brush bleeds and sheds a lot.The tissue has traces of purple on it.The brush is very soft and mix of slim and round shape, I quite like the brush for application of blusher.I wish it were angled as the powder brush is already round top. I think the powder brush could also be used to apply blush,so if this was angled then this would be fine for contour as well.

the powder, blush and blending brushes bled like this at least thrice:


Eyeshadow/lipstick applicator brush:

The brush is tiny and has synthetic bristles very tightly packed.The brush is stiff and is fine for precise application on shadow on smaller lid too.I think this could double as a lipstick and as an eye liner brush too when used at an angle.If you could clean it on tissue in between uses, then this could be be used for concealer,eyeshadow, liner and lipstick.This brush stains from the very first usage.I wish it did not stain.Overall this is a great tiny brush, very handy.

Yellow-pencil, white- lipstick
pencil brush

Pencil/smudger brush:

This brush is my second favorite.The brush is pointed and is very stiff.this makes the application in the crease, corner of eyes and most important, the lower lid shadow can be smudged with this.I love this brush as I do not have many pencil brushes this brush is very useful for me.again it stains so easily, the yellow is lost.

Blending brush:

This brush is very useful for me again.It does a great job at blending eyeshadow in the crease.It is fluffy and it again bleeds and sheds a lot like the powder and blusher brush. The brush is awesome for its job of blending but looks little rough.They bleed and shed so much sadly.



What could be better:

I think I miss a slim liner brush. And I also miss a tiny concealer brush though the small eye shadow one can serve the purpose if cleaned in between uses quickly.The dye used needs to be better, it bleeds a lot each time. The bristles have been shedding thrice every time I washed it. I do not expect this out of a Rs. 2500 for six brushes kit.The blue-white brush gets so stained that it is impossible to get the original white back on it.There is a tiny mistake on the box, the pencil brush is mistaken for a lip brush. The lip brush is the white-blue one which is flat.The blush brush could be angled IMO so that there would be variety.They could probably have dual-ended brushes and add a liner, concealer and brow brush too.It would make the brush kit complete.The handle and size is perfect for me.


If you think you do not have these brushes in your stash, then these are super useful.Also if you need a handy brush kit for the bag and do not want to carry full longer brushes, this is a your best friend.This is definitely overpriced and the brushes bleed and shed a lot, the ones I mentioned.Wish they could modify with the changes I mentioned in the above para.But I am happy with the kit, the price is insane no doubt.


IMBB rating:


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