Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222 Review

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Hi girls,

In the past, I have purchased expensive Colorbar makeup brushes which have not been worth it. They have recently launched some new brushes and I wanted to give them another try. This Pro Eyebrow brush has become indispensable in my makeup routine, as filling up the brows is very essential for me.

Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222 Review

Product Description:
A dual-purpose brush with a fine but firm angled tip that allows soft yet accurate lining and filling the eye brows. Defines eyes and also applies liquid/gel eyeliners with ease. All Eyeliners ,eye pencils and brow pencils. For eyeliner: Place brush along lower and/or upper lash line then draw a line.
For eye Brows: Take the desired color and start filling from the arch of the brow in small strokes.
INR 800

Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222 details

My Experience with Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222:

The price is exorbitant, I don’t know what they were thinking, even with the “Pro” tag. I wish I could easily replace this brush with any other stiff angled brush out there. The brush is very slim and feels sturdy and professional to touch.

Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush full

Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush

The brush name is also mentioned on it clearly. The brush has off-white bristles and feels tiny. The brush over all feels tiny and compact. The bristles are a nice blend of “stiffness and bendy” form at the same time, perfect to work on brows. You can easily fill powder or gel with this brush mimicking hair of the brows in strokes.

Eyebrow brush by Colorbar

Two issues with this brush – the bristles could have been sharper at the top; they fray at the end, which I dislike. Secondly, the bristles stain easily, they wash off only with an oil-based product. The brush does not shed at all.

Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush bristles

Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush head

As far as using gel liner goes, I prefer a brush that is more flexible, but this can do the job for a neat winged liner in angular strokes. So, yes, it can multi task.

Pros of Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222:

  • Compact and slim.
  • Stiff but slightly flexible bristles.
  • Perfect for brows with gel or powder product.
  • Can be used for gel liners.

Cons of Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222:

  • Stains easily.
  • The bristles at the top are slightly frayed, it could have been more sharp and precise.
  • Very expensive.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Colorbar Pro Eyebrow Brush 222?
For Rs.800, I do not recommend it if you have other angular brush options in the market, but if you really want to own something with stiff bristles, this can be it.
IMBB Rating:

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