Colorbar Pro Eyeliner Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Eyeliner Brush

Price 450

This is a part of my Colorbar skin care haul, well I got this one and the pro retractable brush. I wanted the lip filler as well but it was out of stock. I can never have enough of basic brushes like liner and lip filler as liner and lipstick is my basic everyday makeup.This looked like a nice product and at 450 and with the PRO tag, I was hoping for a lot but let us see if it is worth the cost:




The brush is a long one, comes in a simple handle and pouch. Nothing fancy, it does not look very pro so to say. The cost is also not that great.I don’t think the cost is justified at all, at 450 this is not at all worth the price. Let me show you how.



The bristles look so rough. They are not synthetic and my first thoughts were that they are sure to my skin and they did.The bristles look so frayed and uneven, this was the first disappoint ofcourse the brustles are the star of the brush. This one has very slim and unvern and not at all dense ones.It is not even like any other simple liner brush, like Vega. The slim brush is not what I was looking for.


Once you wrap your liner around the brush, the bristles stick together finally but they get so pokey- i did not enjoy lining my eyes at all, it kind of poked my skin.The line you get can be thin or medium with this one. Then I had trouble washing it, the color of the liner did not leave the bristles. The bristles did not shed at all thankfully I even tried pulling it but not a single hair shed.




The overall impression on this one is very cheap, not at all worth the price, you can get better liner brushed at 200. This is not a pro, it pokes and the bristles are too slim and frayed.I was hoping for something like Sonia Kashuk one.You can miss it.

IMBB rating:

1/5 Just because it works and does not shed.

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  1. ohhhhh noooooo *shock* *shock* *shock* *spank* yaar sad it did not workk…. i thought it would be god and the moment i saw this i was like yes i’ll get it coz i broke my eye liner brush *headbang* *headbang*

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