Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush

I ventured into the colorbar pro brushes with this brush, the foundation brush which looked awesome in a price tag of 750. they have other brushes like powder, brush and eyeshadow and ofcourse the regular range of brushes that we have tried so far, their pro brushes look superb, they are ong sturdy and I think this one is made to perfection, this is the best flat foundation brush so far in my collection. Take a look:
Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush


INR 750

This is like really long, I have added a comparison pic, but this is so long, I enjoy the foundation patting with this one, the handle is silvery grey, it looks pretty nice and sturdy and pro too, the color of the bristles is what I like most, it has these multicolored tints too in betweent he grey bristles, it makes it look super pretty.
Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush 3

The bristles are really soft, they dont feel taut or tightly packed but they bend easily, I am not sure if all would like it but I think it made the liquid foundation application very nice, the fla brislts bend easily to blend the foundation well, it doesnt stay still like some foundi brushes you might have used.

Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush 4

Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush 6

The bristles are dense enough, and they are not that thick, like you see at an angle, the bristles make a large bunch, likeit is huge to cover your face in foundation, it will make your job faster but then it will not really easily at the corner, this will not be ideal to reach the corner of the nose and so on, so you definitely need a concealer or a smaller size brush as well with this one 😛
colorbar makeup brushes (2)
The handle like you can see bears a number to the brush, 111, and the work is also mentioned, foundation, I like brushes that mention the use too over it 😛 I dont know why, but this is it.
colorbar makeup brushes (1)

The application is good, the bristles superb and soft, and dense too, the brush is huge compared to others you might have used, overall it is well priced for what they offer, so far it has not shed, and the handle looks fine too, do try it if you want to invest in a foundi brush that has an edge over the others around.

Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush  (8)

colorbar makeup brushes (3)

Lakme, Colorbar and Elf foundation brushes:

foundation brushes (2)

foundation brushes (1)

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11 thoughts on “Colorbar Pro Foundation Brush Review

  1. I saw these professional brushes this time.. they were good… Nice revu.. *clap* *clap*
    Did you see that lip brush with the cap in metallic packaging? I found that packaging very cute too but the bristles were thinner for my liking.. 😛

  2. The bristles look sooo good and softy *woot* *woot* *woot* would like to try this … i was thinking on getting the shiseido one but this seems like a good alternative and easily available too *hifive* *hifive* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  3. I have the Colorbar Pro Stippling brush. It’s a decent budget brush, really, but I am scrimping and saving for a MAC one. As for corners and curves, you can just squeeze it into place! 🙂

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