Colorbar Pro Powder Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Powder Brush

A big, fluffy, soft brush, designed for a gentle and luxurious feel on your skin. Our ultra-soft, natural-hair brush is perfect for distributing just the right amount of powder, evenly across the face. This long brush is best used for powders and blushes.


INR 1250

Like you know I got this pro powder brush as part of my IMBB haul.I was really keen on collecting the entire range of pro brushes from them which I have almost done.the brushes are heartbreaking like you can see they can be softer.The cost is insane, for 1250 it is exhorbitant and honestly their colored travel kit of the brushes that are priced at 2500 are much better and softer.If only they could make the pro brushes as soft as the colored travel pro kit (not the pink ones) this brush would have been a hit.

The brush is huge, like this is the king size brush in my entire collection.It is not only long but also very heavy and the bristles are really fluffy(remind me of frizzy hair in humid weather) the bristles are big and rounded and the top is some what semi-flat. The bristles are animal hair and have these brown and white strands too which are so annoying you have no idea.the brush bristles are thick and very very thick, like the thickest hair possible.The bristles cannot be called soft, they are somewhere between semi soft and rough.The tips do poke the skin, it is not very enjoyable, but the size is the only respite.


The brush mentions the number and usage which I like.The brush handle and the metal used, the print everything is top quality, I have no complaints on the whole look.the plastic pack is nothing fancy, but you could carry your brush in but the bristles will be flattened that way so be prepared 😛


I think the worst part about the brush if I need to pin point is that it looks rough and I do not feel like using it on my face.the brown and black looking rough bristles are not at all inviting.Then again the brush looks so fluffy it is kind of scary.The brush is great for big powder brush like application to get to the whole face quickly but it will not get to crevices like nose corner etc.


The brush does not bleed when washed and it does not leave or shed hair thankfully though the bristles hair breaks often.I love how big it is but wish it were softer and more inviting which it is not.For the cost I am not satisfies with my purchase as I want soft bristles this cost, though the handle etc are well made.Wish it were as soft as the colored travel kit they have or was more synthetic.



The blush brush is also the same but smaller and less intimidating.


Overall a average brush with good make but average bristles, the brush is very big and fluffy, it is not particularly rough but it isn’t soft either. but I am not happy with the product I got for what I paid, 1250.

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8 thoughts on “Colorbar Pro Powder Brush Review

  1. Why is Colorbar acting like their selling stuff like Real Techniques brushes! *shock* *spank* *spank* sheeeeesh *hunterwali*

  2. Oh rough, how do they expect people to use it on their face if they r going to scratch themselves…What a dud *hunterwali*

  3. I am so so glad that I did not buy these on an impulse..I really wanted to because of the shape and fluffiness..but something in my instinct stopped me and here you proved me right *scared* *scared*

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