Colorbar Pro Retractable Lip Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Retractable Lip Brush

“A Professional yet quirky lip tool to fall in love with!

It lines & defines and is very easy to carry in your handbag. So just pull out this stylish brush, swipe and go!”

I picked up this lip brush for the March haul for IMBB. I am always looking for lip brushes because I  have a ton of lipsticks. I love their other flat brush which you can read more about here. I bought two of those lip brushes becuase I find them awesome to scrape the lipstick off. You get an adequate ampount of lipstick on the brush then. These one with a slender brush shape I find pick up very less product but are easier to shape the lips with. The brush is retractable and comes in a stunning metallic finish, very classy!



The brush is priced at 600 which I think is a bit too much. I am not sure how many of us would buy a a lip brush priced at 500-600. Please do comment if I am wrong. Then Colorbar has its own flat lip brush priced at 250.Many would choose that over this. But remember this is retractable and can be carried to office and college and where you carry your makeup. Most of us would apply lip color from the bullet directly when we are on the run. Few of us would take out a lip brush to apply and touch up lipstick. So this is another point to remember according to your need.



The lip brush is heavy metallic and shines and dazzles. The name mentioned looks glorious. It comes in a pouch which mentions the details but I think I would not want any scratches on the brush body as the metallic finish would be damaged then 🙁 anyway



The brush needs to be pulled in opposite direction to actually pull out the bristles. It looks long enough when you open it. The bristles are very nice and soft. They feel densely packed and not at all wobbly like many lip brushes. If you have wobbly bristles and not dense, then picking up the lipstick from the bullet gets tedious. The bristles on this one are just right.



The bristles are slender and pointed enough to shape the lips and get the color to the corner of the lips. Somehow I am convert to flat lip brushes ever since I used COlorbar’s lip fabulips brush but this one is very nice too. The bristles can be washed but I wipe it on a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe after I use it. If you wait to wash it, it might mess up the case too. So take out time to wipe it on the tissue with some makeup remover.The bristles did not shed.


So far everything looks great about this one., but the price. Then I realized I also have a similar looking retractable lip brush from Oriflame but the Oriflame one is not even half as good wen it comes to the bristles quality. The Colorbar one is sturdy and top quality.

IMBB rating:

4.75/5 I would have loved even wider bristles but these are nice too.

Think about your need for a retractable brush, do you carry a lip brush, or do you fret when you pack your lip brushes in your makeup kit. I do worry about bristles getting damaged in the kit so I think this is a great pick for me.

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8 thoughts on “Colorbar Pro Retractable Lip Brush Review

  1. Aww the brush looks too adorable. I would just love to stare at it than use it 😛
    But you’re right, 500-600 INR is way too much for a lip brush.

  2. I know I am an aberration – but my Estee Lauder Lip brush cost me about INR 1600+!! *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank*

    I have the other colour bar brush and frankly it doesn’t work for me – this one looks more up my alley. i like a definer.

    Great Review Gurrrl!

  3. I was long time looking for a retractable lippy brush…now having seen this.i will pick this definitely..never mind abt the price..its been long since i purchased something for myself.. 😀

  4. oh wow.. *drool* I dnt use lip brush bt this seems so cute n stylo.. i wud love to try it out.. *drool* great job gal.. *clap* *clap*

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