Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer Review

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing a nail buffer from colorbar. We all like to look after our nails right, and a buffer plays a very important role in that. There are days when we do not have time to visit the parlor for a manicure, and that is when a nail buffer is extremely useful. So a month back when I was at the colorbar counter checking out some nail paints, I saw this colorful nail buffer and instantly bought it as it said quickfix.

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer
Price– Rs. 175
Prep your nails to perfection in four quick steps with this cheerful block! Each numbered side tells you how it should be used, starting with a gritty shaping file and ending with a gentle polishing touch in 4 steps.

My experience with Colorbar Quickfix 4-way nail Buffer-

It comes in a plastic packaging with a nice seal, so that one can store the block in it and carry it along. Of late I have started ignoring my nails a lot, I have stopped using a nail buffer regularly and my nails started looking yellow. And then when I saw this buffer from colorbar, it instantly reminded I need to start taking care of my nails. The block is really small and handy and rectangular shaped the core of the block soft and cushiony. It is probably as light weight as air; seriously I think it is made form thermocol, that is when I doubted its quality. It has four sides each colored with two different colors and with different textures. First side is orange colored and says shape 1 and that is to shape nails, it does not feel that harsh but it did shape my nails very well.

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer 5
The second side is hot pink colored and says smooth 2, this side helps in smoothing the nail base, the third side is again orange colored and says buff 3, this side helped in buffing and removing all the yellowness from my nails due to nail polishes. And the last one is again hot pink colored and says polish 4. This one is the last step and imparts a healthy sheen to my nails. I do not understand why they have repeatedly used same colors when they can use many other colors. In terms of buffing the nails, it works really well. I had little lines in nails and they have all smoothened out, and my nails are no longer yellow and have become naturally pink and shiny just like I have applied clear nail paint, the shine remains for 3-4 days. In all it does a good job; it is not the best quality but not that bad.

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer 6

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer  (7)
Pros of Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer

• Available easily
• Reasonably priced
• Small and handy and travel friendly packaging
• Buffs the nails effectively
• Makes them look healthy and imparts shine
• Is not abrasive on nails

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer  1

Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer  (2)
Cons of Colorbar Quickfix 4-way Nail Buffer

• Slightly difficult to clean.
• Not the best quality available.
Recommendation- It is a good buffer, but I would like to try some others as well.
IMBB Rating- 4/5

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  1. i have this from TBS and it does a good job till today *happy dance* *happy dance* even though it has been more than a year.. this looks exactly the same ..i am sure it does a good job tooo… *happydance* *happydance* nice review Dhara 🙂

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