Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat Review

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I have pretty long nails which are well shaped and grow very quickly. My mom always shouts on me that I do not paint my nails. But I just cannot handle the drying time as I have a constant habit of playing with my hair. But when I spotted this top coat, I knew that I needed it in my life. So see whether this lived up-to my expectations or not!

Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat

Price: Rs 499 for 15 ml
Product Description by Colorbar:
Don’t Wait. Just appreciate. Just a single coat of Rapid Dry instantly locks in color and sets your nail lacquer in seconds. Formulated with fast-drying agents, so you can skip the wait! The crystal clear polymer-based formula creates a hard, anti-chipping and protective film. The UV filters help prevent color from fading away. Finishes with a brilliant shine that lasts upto 7 days.

Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat details

So go on and appreciate your long-lasting manicure that shines with brilliance!
• Top Coat
• Flash Dry Finish
• Anti-chipping protection
• UV Filters
• Water-resistant
• Long-lasting Shine

Just apply nail lacquer, wait for 1-2 minutes and top it up with Rapid Dry. Your nail lacquer dries to touch within 30 seconds. Re-apply later if needed to refresh your nail color.

My Experience with Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat:

Packaging: The Colorbar Rapid Dry comes in a big pink and white box with all the details written over it. The main reason why someone would get attracted to this is because of the claim printed in bold over the box “30 seconds”. It costs Rs 499 which is okay if it does all that it says because one bottle of a top coat goes a long way. The bottle comes in a glossy silver packaging which makes it look totally different than the regular Colorbar nail paints. This does look something different and unique. The bottle is sturdy and hence travel-friendly. The brush is super soft and glides very well too. But a lot of times some colour gets stuck to the bristles as this is a top coat and I don’t know how to fix it.

Colorbar Top Coat

Consistency and feel on the nail: The consistency of the nail paint is not very runny. Like most of the top coats, this one is a bit thick as well. It glides smoothly on my nails, but I need to be careful with the quantity that I pick up because if excess is picked up then the nail paint looks super thick and takes more time to dry. It does not feel heavy on the nails at all. It smells of typical nail paint with that strong chemical smell. Since this is a “rapid dry” top coat, it will also rapidly dry if the nail paint is left open under the fan. So make sure you keep it closed when applying on the nails one by one.

Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat packaging

Results: I used it over the Maybelline Colorshow and Gel nail paints. I need to wait 2 minutes after I apply the base nail polish to dry and then use this over it. Because if I am not patient to wait for 2 minutes then the polish shade comes on the bristles of the top coat. The application is smooth and it does dry out my nail paint in 1 minute. It is dry to touch but the hard setting time of the nail paint is somewhere around 3 minutes! The shine as claimed does not stay that well for 7 days but the intense shine lasts for 3-4 days which is okay. But one thing I noticed is that a part of my nail paint remains glossy and a part turns matte. This looked very weird to me. Was it the formula or my nails, I don’t know but it changed the texture of certain portions of my nail paint which is what disappointed me. Overall good top coat if you do not mind those patches; but I would still hunt for a better alternative!

Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat britsles

Pros of Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat:

• Classy packaging.
• Handy bottle.
• Available all around.
• Soft bristles which glide smoothly on my nails.
• Can be used as base coat and top coat too.
• Gives a glossy shine.
• Dry to touch in a minute.
• Hard setting time of 3 minutes.

Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat on nails

Cons of Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat:

• Expensive for the quantity.
• Does not work on low budget polishes (local ones).
• Can be patchy sometimes.

IMBB Rating: 3.9/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Rapid Dry Top Coat?
I am not sure about repurchasing but I will recommend this to you if you do not like waiting for the nail paint to dry.
Conclusion:I don’t know but rather I invest in some good nail paints rather than doing the double work of applying the colour and then this top coat. Good brands nail paints dry very quickly, so yeah that is one option too!

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