Colorbar Shimmer Bar- Coral Hint

Colorbar Shimmer Bar- Coral Hint

Made in Italy, this multifunctional award-winning editor’s favorite baked highlighter with five bars is back on hot demand.
These pearlescent shimmer bar has Colorbar’s freshest take on spring floral. Features bright pink and icy coral pearl pigments perfect for light to dark skin tones.


INR 950!!

I picked up both these shimmer bars from Colorbar some time back.coral hint and rosy glaze.They made such pretty shades in coral and pink that it was hard to pick up one only.Then again I do not have anything shimmery bar like in my collection.I am not a fan of multi-taskers (products 😛 )at all but somehow this one looked lovely to be used a cheek highlight, subtle blush and also as brow bone highlight and lid color. The palette is very pretty to own apart from the functionality,they look super pretty and come in sturdy packs of pretty looking shimmer bars, which are basically less shimmer and more sheen metallic glow bars 😛
This is a coral palette and has this highlight cream shade, and an orange similar to Splendid touch palette and the rest are subtle bronzes and coppers.The best past about this palette is that the colors are not shimmery or gritty.They are basially powdery but once you blend them they work as a sheen and not as a shimmer or bright metallic look color.The colors are subtle and none of them can go wrong on warm skin tones.I do not like the colors swirled together as it looks too orange on me.I work with them singularly.
The top most light cream shade is a dual toned like duochrome shade and has this hint of gold to it at an angle.This for me is the most multi tasking shade as this is BRILLIANT for high cheek bone high light.This can be worn on cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose, can be worn on brow bone too.So the mutli gold white sheen to really reflects light and this can be your best mate for parties.Remember it is very light reflective so use it at evening or night only.
I tried it on like an eyeshadow and it really showed up well, in a pretty way but not OTT or metallic.I was impressed.Infact if you blend it out this will give you a glow on the eye lid rather than any real color.The lasting power is very average since the sheen kind of melts with skin oils in less than three hours.
As a blush it adds a lot of sheen to the skin.I do not like this color as a blush as natural mauve pinks work better for me as blush.I may use it like a highlight or shadow more as for the shadow all the colors are subtle and blend into natural shiny bright eyes look.

Sheen not shimmer when blended totally:

The orange is the most powdery and I dislike it.Rest all the colors are beautiful for our skin tones.Coming to the texture they feel creamy soft but if you use a brush on it it will lead to powder hence finger application seems best for this one.The texture is very soft but you can see some powder around.The finish is sheen like and not shimmery which makes it a glowing highlighter like product and not a shimmery bar.thirdly you get many colors in one which can be used in many ways like I mentioned.So this is a nice product to own.Do not expect wonderful lasting power as it is a soft and melts on my oily skin in no time.

Single swipe

the pigmentation is good.It works well and can be built up.If it was too much to work with this light reflective product would be a fail.Then again the highlight effect will be more loved by dry skin than oil skin.

Double swipes

Also if you have oily skin use it very very sparingly.The colors can be very light reflective and can be a disaster for pores. I like the colors and the versatality of the product but I am not okay with the pricing of 950!! If you do not own a coral blush, a highlighter and a copper-bronze shadow, then it is worth the money to use them as all three but otherwise I do not recommend it for the price.

Another most important thing I want to point out is that Colorbar has been making all their shadows and shimmer bars and the pro quads and palettes in the same monotonous boring metal shimmer sheen finish.It is almost like you buy the SAME color and finish in different packs.This monotony needs to be broken, they need to venture into mattes for skin and eyeshadows etc. if they have moved over the pink stain their velvet matte lipsticks give.

IMBB rating:

3.5/5 Though a nice versatile product, it is on the higher side of pricing.Check out the feel and see if it works for your skin type before you buy it.

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19 thoughts on “Colorbar Shimmer Bar- Coral Hint

  1. Ohhhhh….. U know what…. I saw this product a few months back, but did not buy it as I was waiting for someone to review it….. Grt review Neha. *clap* *clap* …. But there are similar products in the body shop and in bobbi brown. Which one should I buy????? Pls tell me neha… 🙂 🙂

  2. I saw this online….only I know how I controlled and den I bought colorbar highlighter…its half the price and serves the purpose of highlighting

  3. Woooww that looks lovely *woot* *woot* shimmer bar sounds sooo luxurious *happydance* *happydance* the shades are great too… i wish they had something in pink *hihi* *hihi*

  4. it reminds me of bobbi brown shimmer brick. i think they took the idea from there only. you are right neha, we people with dry skin are always looking for highlighters. and colorbar prices *hunterwali* *hunterwali* good review *puchhi* *puchhi*

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