Colorbar Shimmer Magic – Mesmerizing Bronze Review

Colorbar Shimmer Magic – Mesmerizing Bronze Review

So, I went to Colorbar on Friday. I wasn’t planning on buying much, just this one lipstick that I had my eyes on since a very long time. So, I didn’t get to buy the lipstick, but I did buy a whole lot of other stuff. This is the third time that this has happened. I go in there to buy that lipstick, but always come out buying everything, but the lipstick. Maybe that lipstick just doesn’t want me.


Product Description:

Showers flash powder particles, reflect colors like prism. Silky, light, and exquisite fresh colors that easily create fantastic surge of delightful textures and most fashionable charm of smoked makeup. It’s a lightweight, easy to blend, non-oily skin friendly powder provides radiant, healthy-looking effect. Whether monochrome or color use, will have the effect of magic. Provides radiant, healthy looking effect – Very pigmented – Lightweight – Easy to blend – Non oily – Long lasting – Skin friendly – Multifunctional – Can be used like blusher, eye shadow, bronzer, and highlighter.

Shimmer Magic 1

Directions For Use:

Sweep brush gently over shimmer magic and dust lightly over cheekbones as blush/bronzer. Mix all or pick single shade to intensify your eyes.


Shimmer Magic 2


750 INR for 9 gm.

My Take on Colorbar Shimmer Magic – Mesmerizing Bronze:

I was looking around Colorbar for a matte brown color for contouring, but I ended up getting this. There’s actually a funny story on how I bought this. I wasn’t really thinking when I bought this. I was put in a very uncomfortable position. So, I just picked the one that looked the prettiest. Plus the word “baked” intrigued me.

Shimmer Magic 4

I had picked out a couple of blushes to try on. The SA was pretty sweet, she helped me out a lot, but she wasn’t a very good makeup artist. She told me to suck in my cheeks, I did so, and she applied two different blushes on both my cheeks.When I looked at myself in the mirror, I had a mini attack. She started from the middle of my ear and ended at where my chin was. There were two very ugly slanted lines across my cheeks. I couldn’t really appreciate the color because I was too shocked by the gruesome application. But I didn’t want to be rude to the SA, because I think she knew she made a mistake and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her make up skills suck, and to reapply it. So, I just pretended like the blush was looking absolutely nice on me and picked one out.

Shimmer Magic 5

Shimmer Magic 6

So, once I got home at night, I tried on this baked blush. I must say I don’t regret buying this.  Yes, it did come with its flaws, but I’m going to accept it because I think the pros overcome the cons. I have high cheekbones, which I really thank my genetics for and I naturally have that contoured look. But now and then, I like to intensify the hollows of my cheek, and make them look sharp and defined and this product does a great job. The dark gray color really intensifies the hollows of my cheek and gives me that sculpted look and the gold just adds the perfect oomph to my cheeks as blush.

Shimmer Magic 7

Shimmer Magic 8

I used it as a bronzer too, after I used the dark gray on the hollows of my cheeks.  I mixed both the gray and gold together and made that number 3 on the side of my face, and swiped the excess on my nose.  This product adds that perfect glow to my face, almost that celebrity glow.  Then, I tried this on in the afternoon. I have to say I was little disappointed because the gold doesn’t really show up in daylight. You can see the slight shimmer on my cheeks, but not that gold glow that I saw at night. This product isn’t good for regular bronzing or blushing. It’s too shiny and shimmery for regular use. The dark grey shade can be used to contour your cheeks regularly, but not the gold.

Shimmer Magic 10

I would say, this product is best for festivals and weddings. You will see best results if you use it at night, or if it isn’t too sunny. This product isn’t very long lasting; it actually fades away if you touch it too much. I swept my hand across my cheek a few times and the color faded leaving behind a slight shimmer. If you don’t touch your face, I think it would last 2-3 hours. It’s very lightweight, and isn’t very pigmented unless you layer it, which is a good thing.

I did use it as an eye shadow too. I used the gold on the inner corner, and used the dark grey on the outer V.  The gold and grey are perfect for the festive or wedding season. The gold looks super shimmery on the lids, and the grey does a good job of creating that smokey effect on the eyes.

Pros of Colorbar Shimmer Magic – Mesmerizing Bronze:

  • Perfect for contouring the hollows of your cheeks.
  • Adds a healthy glow to face.
  • Doubles as a good eye shadow.
  • Beautiful color.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Would suit all skin tones.

Cons of Colorbar Shimmer Magic – Mesmerizing Bronze:

  • Not long lasting.
  • Doesn’t show up well in daylight.
  • Shimmer spreads a little.
  • Fades quickly.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Colorbar Shimmer Magic – Mesmerizing Bronze?

I would like to try all the other colors from this range and I doubt I would run out of this soon since I can only use it on special occasions, but if I do run out, I will definitely buy it again.

Rant: So guys, something funny happened (I say this with a serious expression on my face). After I clicked the picture of this product and the hand swatches, I uploaded them on my laptop, and then I remembered I still had to do a FOTD. So I got ready: I did my hair, I did my eye makeup using the gold and grey from this product, and I even used it as a blush and I took the pictures of my face. Then, I got back to my laptop and found it dead, I guess I forgot to charge it. So I got the charger and plugged it in, and while I was waiting for the laptop to boot up again, I started playing with my SD card. I ran it across my bed sheet, and I threw it in the air a few times, and then I started bending it until it broke into half. So, there went all my pictures (including my personal pictures).

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  1. Mansi this looks nice.. I may check this at the store.. which lipstick were you looking for?

    🙁 your SD card broke.. otherwise an FOTD would have been the best feature of this review 🙁

    1. yea its a good product…. it was this pinkish orange lipstick called passionate i think…….. yea i was so dumb to bend it…… 🙁

    1. hey… go to gravatar dot com you have to make a account there and you can set up a pic for you email there….. its pretty easy!!!! 😀

  2. hihihi the incident with SA was quite funny. 😛 I have been through similar incidents myself. That’s too dark a color I feel. I guess I’d check out the lighter shades may be for evenings. 🙂

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