Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler Review

Colorbar Show Stopper Eyelash Curler

The perfect pinchproof lash curler for easy curls every time. The curvy angle of the curler catches every lash and the spunky fuchsia silicone pad delivers perfect pressure without lash crimping. The cushiony grip handles are designed for total comfort without any painful tugging. the ergonomic top bar is contoured to fit all eye shapes and get every lash even on deeper set eyes.

Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler

I got this last month from health and glow here, and I had picked up some other colorbar stuff as well. I have to start by saying I discovered eyelash curler in 2004 and since then I have tried 7 or more eyelash curlers. Hence I can say whether this one is the best or you could look further. Read on
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The first thing you like is the packaging and the pink black combo of the curler,I absolutely love it, the whole design is too pretty and one would like to buy this for the design only. I had to pick it up because it looks too pretty on the vanity and in the stash. The packaging comes in a zip lock system and you could use the pouch to store your curler and keep it dust free and new for longer.
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One thing I have to say is that the softer the pad in the curler, the better are the results,most of my curlers have stiff pad but the ones which do not work best, this one is somewhere in the middle, I have lost a lot of eyelashes over the years and I would want some awesome lashes and have switched to falsies too sometimes so the effect of this curler would not be as stark as you would like.

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I hate the fact that the curler is not supplied with an extra pink pad, most curler come with an extra pad which you could replace once it wears off. The curler works fine, above average, it is not the best I have tried so far, you need to hold it on for a long time, as in more than 30 seconds to see some effect, the longer the better, I like to do some quick eye lash curling but this is not the best one for the purpose.
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I have not tried to heat it and use with a blow dryer I dont want to do that. I would like to say that for sparse lashes this did not work that well, I have better eyelash curlers, may be I should do a post on my lash curlers 😛
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IMBB Rating: 3/5 I have tried better.

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  1. yes you should do a post on which are the best ones according to you…. *haan ji*
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  2. This looks soooo cute na Neha di *happy dance* *happy dance* i wish it had worked *headbang* i wanna buy one… which is the best one acc to u?? *hifive* *announce* *announce*

  3. What About Thick Lashes . Will It Work ?? *poop* *spank* *spank* *specs* It Ruined The Fuschia – Black Combo . Its A Shame For Pink Lovers !!!!!

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