Colorbar Take me as I am – Sizzling Berry & I-glide – Perky Pink

Colorbar Take me as I am – Sizzling Berry & I-glide Perky Pink

You might have seen these colorbar lip pencils this jumbo ones HERE. This is my last one from the lot Rati had sent me earlier, now I have a whole bunch of new colorbar and chambor ones to review. I did not know how exactly to show you the perky pink eye liner because owing to the top quality it has, I am keen to use it as a lip liner. I need not introduce the Take me as I am lip color,we all know many of us love it, specially the shades Bare dare pink & mysterious nude.

Colorbar Lipcolor sizzling berry eyepencil perky pink

The take me as I am lip colors are jumbo lipsticks supplied with a sharpener too. I dont know why they have never clicked with me may be because I am a hardcore lippy person, but yes they have their own charm and they are really very soft and creamy and super pigmented, not to forget they smell all citrus-y like you Inglot refills.

eye liner

lip liners

The shade I have last to be reviewed is Sizzling berry, it is a true plum berry shade and I find it very bold so to say. The shade is a very soft but it is not cakey, you can actually use it as stain, apply some on your fingers and smooth it on the lips and done. It is so pigmented that it needs to be spread and even out, otherwise it might get patchy. You ca use the pigmentation to your advantage.
colorbar eye and lip pencils

colorbar eye and lip pencils

The staying power is pretty good as a stain too, easily the tint would last you four hours and it does not transfer much, feels light and no drying,this shade of course you have to use with caution, may be for weddings and functions. Overall, super pigmented, deep berry shade with a charm of this jumbo lip stick, the cap does not click lock and hence I do not suggest carrying it. You can use it with a lip brush too for even application and it is deep enough to cover pigmented lips, shade is good for both dark and medium skin tones.

colorbar take me as I am lip color sizzling berry

Coming to the perky pink i-glide eye liners, we have to agree that Colorbar has some of the best eye pencils in terms of the shades, smoothness, pigmentation and lasting power, the pencils go on like butter, and then they set and then you can remove them without the help of an bi-phase makeup remover,the pencils set and then they do not smudge as long as you want them to stay.

berry lips

Initially I wanted to use the pencil in the review as a lip liner, I will be using it as a lip liner in the future,I dont fancy a pink eye pencil but for the purpose of the review I have depicted the pink on the eyes. It does not smudge and it is a very very pretty pink and hence I will be using it as a lip liner,it would survive oily lids for more than 5 hours and I dont want to waste the color, if it is good for the eye lids, I am sure it is safe for the lips too.The I-glides deserve full marks,one of the best pencils around.

colorbar perky pink swatch

gray eyes

IMBB Rating:

I-glide deserves a 5/5 and the Take me as I am lip color, though a tough shade to carry, deserves a 4/5!
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  1. Yes exactly the lip shade is a bit difficult to carry *haan ji* but oh my god the i-glide deserves more than full marks *pompom* *happy dance* its looking just so awesome on you *announce* *preen* i loved loved loved your eye swatch *happy dance* *jalwa*

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