Colorbar Skin Fresh Start Water Cleanser Review

Colorbar Skin Fresh Start Water Cleanser

A gentle yet hardworking, no-rinse cleanser with the look and feel of pure water. Energized with ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, it reveals skin that has a fresh radiance and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Close your eyes and spray directly on bare skin. Wipe clean with a cotton pad. Or close your eyes and spray directly on your makeup and wipe clean with a cotton pad. Repeat if there is still a trace of makeup or impurities.

Price 750 INR

Here is another skin care product from Colorbar,like you know, they have launched a full scale skin care range with eye creams, night creams and so on.the lip mender turned out to be a major dud but let us see how I like this water cleanser.


The cleanser comes in a simple spray bottle, now I dont think 750 is a good price for this. The bottle too feel pretty okay, no great shakes. Then comes the way to use it, you can spray it on the face directly and wipe it off. this claims to be a great dirt and leftover makeup remover too but I dont consider it an ideal thing to clean a good amount of layer of makeup.Consider it a toner so to say or a one step mild toner and cleanser.It has no parabens, sulphates and artificial colors which is great.


Thank god the Nozzle and the spray on this one are working fine till now unlike the lip mender.The spray is right for the face, you need max four sprays,forehead, cheeks and chin and done. I usually spread it well and wipe if off in 30 seconds.I do notice the skin looks cleaner and fresher and the cotton does look grimy. But any toner would do as well I think.

I find the product mild enough. There is no stinging, no unwanted sensation on the eyes or skin, it is on the mild side. I notice that if you use more than 4 sprays, there is a sticky layer left behind like many toners which contain glycerin. SO use minimal and still does the job for me, my oily(now combo) skin. I feel all skin types will like to clean the last traces, I use it like the last step of the skin cleansing but I do not rely on it completely. I do feel this is great on the go, spray to refresh yourself and wipe with tissue or cotton. I think this will find a cozy place in my hand bag.

Skin is left softer and cleaner, you can use it to remove light makeup or use it to clean the skin on a long dusty day outside, but for the price many would choose a toner or rose water so to say.I think is a good product but not a magical or must have one.I also find the bubble which look quite soapy, a little irritating but probably they do the task of cleansing the skin more than a toner or rose water. It is mild and all skin types can use it too.Plus little product is needed.

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13 thoughts on “Colorbar Skin Fresh Start Water Cleanser Review

  1. Nice review Gurrl! I so badly want a good toner cum cleanser cum makeup remover. Estee Lauder had launched a new product in this category and i went to pick it and the SA was unnecessarily rude – handed the manual receipt to her back and walked off!

    Either products are bad or the SAs – whats happening?

  2. I would have really been tempted to give it a go neha. I love these water spray kind of things. Good review. And thanks for the heads up. 🙂 waiting for more. *happy dance* *happy dance*

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