Colorbar Skin Lighten Up Lip Mender Review

Colorbar Skin Lighten Up Lip Mender

A light yet pampering lip conditioner that smoothes and lightens dry, dark and chapped lips. Powered with the ‘DAB’ formula, it actively fights against pigmentation.

Just pump out a small amount and apply directly from bottle. Pat gently until absorbed. Use each day as a lip conditioner and as a base under your favorite lip color or lip gloss


INR 750 for 7.5 ml


I am reviewing the product that I bought from my Colorbar haul for IMBB, I have to say I was the most excited for this lip mender and this turned out to be a heartbreak, this is everything but a lip mender so to say.this is so expensive for a lip balm or mender to repair dry lips and pigmentation but it turned out to be a non-usable product for me, Read on,


The pump of the mender and the metallic bottle, everything is gorgeous. The pump has a flat top, which can be used directly on the lips after you dispense the product. The pump initially turned out to be a flop show, I had press it close to 200 times, for the product to be dispensed .Such small details should be taken care of when you are paying 750 for a lip mender. Anyway, the concept still looked very attractive to me, A mender!

The mender is a light water based cream actually, it is not a gel or a balm.You can actually rub it over the lips which is not pleasant because it is a cream. It disappears on the lips wen you rub it in, you can see light shine on the lips just like you would use a face cream or something. After a minute, it kind of coats the lips and starts to make them dry. The lips feel cracked or coated with some dry powder.Of course, the product is invisible, it settles to a matte base. But feels very dry. I had thought it will be a nourishing soft cream that would keep the lips soft but it dries uncomfortably and my lips crave a balm.

I thought I might be breathing through the mouth initially and that there is nothing wrong with the mender probably but I was wrong. Every time I sued it, I had to crave for a lip balm . I gave it a chance overnight and it made my lips so dry! I had to wake up in he middle of the night to use a lip balm or nice baby lips.


In appearance it made my lips looks dry as well. There is no visible color. The dryness makes it a nice matte base to lipstick may be make your lipstick last longer, but you will need a creamy lipstick on top, provided.Overall I used it for more than one and half weeks, it was so drying that I had to stop, but I also stopped for another reason.


One night the pump simply stopped working, the product would not come out at all!I pressed it like a thousand times, while watching TV, I used a needle to unplug the hole but nothing, I am sure there is a lot of product inside it still but the pump is not dispensing any product, it is absolutely heart breaking!

The only good thing I can say is that it might work on pigmented lips like it claims, it is like the fair and lovely for darker lips . Or may be if you are interested in a dry matte base (invisible) you can try it.It is free of parabens and artificial colors and sulfates etc. I had expected a lot from this product. 🙁 But I am hopeful it will work on lip pigmentation, I would not notice as I don’t have much pigmentation.

I forgot to add another con, it is very very salty to taste, it feels yuck if you lick your already drying lips.thanks for adding it Pinky. I am going to show it at the colorbar store and ask them to mend the pump, as it is a waste of my 750 bucks. I bought it online but I would love to see what the store manager says about it. It is sooooo overpriced, it is almost a joke, but a sad one.

IMBB rating:

1/5 Only because I love this brand.

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20 thoughts on “Colorbar Skin Lighten Up Lip Mender Review

  1. ohh it helps wid pigmentation.. *woot* I shud get something like dis colorbar then.. *specs* bt it maed ur lips dryer. *scared*

  2. Very good Neha,
    I agree with each and every word you said. I did the mistake of buying this last month and I never used this more than a couple of times. I couldn’t bacause the pump had stopped working. Believe me, I did everything including throwing the thing on to the wall but nothing happened. But you forgot to mention one thing, the taste!! Yes, it has this strong salty taste which is revolting. I have never seen a lip balm tasting this bad. Can you imagine eating or drinking with this thing on? And all of this for Rs 750! What a tragedy Colorbar! If you have decided to put a hole in our pockets at least you should have good reason.

    1. omgggggggggg pinky yes it is blo*dy salty lemme add it
      waste of money hate it *cry* *cry*
      thanks for commenting pinky *puchhi*

  3. When i saw the heading, I actually thought it would be a lip-saver (life saver actually :P) for me. But then its sooo sooo disappointing! *pan* *pan* huh! *nababana*

  4. *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *pan* *pan* *pan* *pan* *nonono* *nonono* *nonono* *nababana* *nababana* *nababana* *ghost* *ghost* *ghost* *cry* *cry* *cry* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* These type of products should be killed …wt a loss of precious 750 INR …HORRIBLE

  5. thanks for the heads up, I have extremely pigmented lips and at all I would have come across it , I would have given it a shot but now there’s no way after seeing ur review *thankyou*

  6. Ohhh my god whats wrongggg *shock* *shock* *shock* *shock* why did they even make it… they should sell it on 1st of april to fool everyone lol *hihi* *hihi* shiiii such a waste man *headbang*

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